Easy Mango Dessert Recipes

These mango-filled desserts will surely make you crave something sweet!

Happy New Year people! We at Modern Parenting love food and if you’re looking for new recipes to serve your family, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Yep, start the year right and treat the fam bam to something sweet and healthy! We rounded up a list of easy mango dessert recipes you can whip up at home. We’re taking mochi balls, graham cake, cheesecake and more! Check ‘em out!

Mango Chia Pudding

Treat yourself with something sweet and healthy — Mango Chia Pudding! You can use almond milk or coconut milk for this treat. The good news: you can enjoy this at any time of the day, whether as a healthy breakfast meal, midnight snack or dessert!

Mango Mochi Balls

If you’ve had mochi before, you absolutely know how delicious it is. Mochi is a tasty Japanese treat traditionally made for New Year. So if you haven’t tried it, then you better try baking some of these fluffy balls at home. 

Mango Smoothie 

Beat the heat with a glass of refreshing mango smoothie! This is the perfect drink to serve the fam on a hot day. Our tip? You can add some whip cream if you want it extra sweet!

Mango Ice Cream

Are your kids craving for ice cream? Then this mango ice cream is the perfect deal to give the kiddos! The good news: it’s tasty and you just need a few ingredients to make it. Check Fun Food Frolic for the deets!

Mango Graham Cake

Mango graham cake is one of the easiest no-bake desserts we Filipinos love to make since the steps are just simple. In just 30 minutes, we can enjoy eating this sweet treat with our family! You can also add some cherries for toppings.

Mango Glazed Donuts

Easy Mango Dessert Recipes - Mango Donuts

Did someone say mango glazed donuts?! The kids will definitely love baking this sweet dish by the Recipe Book! Our tip? You can add some whip cream and sprinkles to make it more colorful.

Mango Cheesecake

Calling y’all cheesecake lovers out there! Try whipping up this easy peasy no bake mango cheesecake recipe by Archana’s Kitchen. You can also top it with some chocolate chips or whatever else you’re in the mood for. 

And there you go, folks! Hope you enjoy making one of these recipes we rounded up for you. Happy New Year! Cheers!

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