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Your New Food Delivery Go-Tos

Modern Parenting’s editor-in-chief Marga Tupaz shares her favourite go-to food delivery places

We have been in quarantine for over a year now and we do miss eating out. Don’t fret because thank goodness for trusty food delivery services, we can be spared from slaving away in the kitchen when the troops get hungry or want to try something new.

Here is a list of some of my go-tos for delivery or takeout when I don’t have time or the energy to whip up a meal. They’ve all been tried and tested (on several occasions for most) and these are all local businesses who I am always happy to support 101%! Oh, and did I mention my entire family of eight loves their food?

Here goes…

1. FilOz Fine Foods

Behind this home-based food operation is a former chef who trained and worked in the kitchens of international hotels. Whipping up dishes daily and offering it mostly to her very fortunate neighbours in the southern part of the Metro, Timi Doe plans and creates weekly menus ranging from Filipino favourites to Western favourites like Shepherd’s Pie and Cobbler Loaf and Asian classics like Seafood Laksa and Vietnamese Salad, just to name a few. Timi’s kitchen churns out food that tastes like they were made in a five-star hotel or a Michelin star restaurant, and lucky are we who have been able to enjoy it!

For order inquiries, visit @filoz_fine_foods on Instagram.

2. Wok Out

For authentic and classic Chinese food, Wok Out Chinese Food Delivery really hits the spot. A business that began during the pandemic, the team behind Wok Out was on a mission. Served in classic Chinese takeout boxes reminiscent of the ones we used to eat out of back in the U.S., Wok Out’s dishes never disappoint. Our usual orders are the Shanghai Beef, Fish with Tofu in Black Bean Sauce, General Tso’s Chicken and the fam favourite, Sweet and Sour Pork. They have amazing party packages good for 5-6 pax at Php 2,500 each — inclusive of 9 items. They are open this week except for January 1, so place your orders, guys!

Text (0917) 316-1016 for orders or visit them on Instagram at


What started out as fresh milk drinks with a Filipino twist and bible verses printed on the bottles, ILADO (which is Bisaya for “kilala” or “famous”) has evolved during the pandemic. Serving up their famous Lockdown Burger, an all natural, 100% pure beef burger, grilled to perfection, comes with the Ilado secret sauce and all the fixins, with a side of French fries, chicken nuggets and squid balls. Their menu may not have a wide variety, but this is exactly what makes ILADO so special. You can ensure quality products each and every time. 

To order, visit or their Instagram account @ilado_ph.

4. Nana’s Kitchen

There is nothing more comforting than indulging in family heirloom recipes that have been recreated and perfected over time. At Nana’s Kitchen, the well-loved dishes of the Del Rosario-Tanjuatco clan are making its way into the bellies and hearts of food lovers all over the city. Thanks to the pandemic, we can now enjoy Nana’s Mighty Good Meatball Pasta, Pancit Palabok, Callos and Melt In Your Mouth Beef Cheeks. Nana aka Cora Tanjuatco also makes some mean desserts — her Torta del Rey, Decadent Chocolate Cake and Frozen Mango Tart top that list.

To order from Nana’s Kitchen, please send a Viber message to (0918) 807-7830 or check out on Instagram.

5. Chellesis

Famed for some of the best desserts and pastries in the Metro (the Morgan Bread, Fruit Tart and L’Opera Cake to name a few), Chellesis responds to the times by expanding its menu. With new offerings called Food Crates, you can now enjoy savory items such as Baked Lasagna, Baked Salmon, Tonkatsu, Chicken Inasal, Japchae and Create Your Own Taco. Owner and founder Chelle Acol took some of her kids favourites and added it to the evolving repertoire of her latest venture. They also offer fresh and healthy salads and some limited items, so keep checking back to see what’s new. 

To order, please contact (0998) 881-2705 or check them out on Instagram at @chellesisfoodcrates.

6. Quisine 

Sushi bakes have got to be one of the best things to come out of quarantine. But as I always say, not all sushi bakes are created equal. Cue Quisine.Ph. Serving up the most unique and scrumptious sushi bake aburis in 3 flavors: Cereal Shrimp with Salted Egg Aburi, Truffle Steak Aburi, and Flamin’ Hot Aburi (yes, as in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos), Quisine’s dishes are worth all the rave. They’re great for satisfying sushi bake cravings, gift giving and small, socially-distanced get togethers. 

food delivery from Quisine

To order, visit their Instagram account at

7. Kitchen City

A well-known and reputable name in the catering industry, Kitchen City pivoted during the quarantine and introduced their best sellers as frozen meals for delivery. If you’re craving home-cooked Filipino food, Kitchen City’s Special Beef Caldereta, Menudo, Hot Dry Adobo, Pork Bicol Express and Beef Salpicao are just some of your best bets. Their freshly cooked, family style offerings for 10 pax and up are also available for delivery, given some advance notice. Their family style menu includes sandwiches, pastries and desserts. 

For orders and inquiries, visit their website at or check out their Instagram at @kitchencityfrozenmeals.

8. SuperSam

Let’s admit it, we all crave fast food every once in a while and what better way to get a fast food fix than with SuperSam.Ph. Another venture to come out of quarantine, SuperSam is known for their nostalgic Chori Burger and the famous Veggie Burger, a healthier burger alternative made of Portobello mushroom. Other favourites include Chicken Wings, Pasta Alfredo, Philly Cheeseburgers and their famous Ube and Beary Chocolate Milkshakes. So don’t feel so bad about your next fast food craving because SuperSam will save the day!

SuperSam is available on Grab Food and Food Panda. You can also visit them on Instagram at

9. Saffron Plates

How about home-cooked, authentic Indian food beautifully presented and neatly arranged — delivered right to your doorstep? Made possible by Rashmi Dowlani of Saffron Plates, now you can have everything from Samosas and Kebabs, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Chaats or “small bites” such as Mixed Pakodas, Dhokla, Hummus and Vegetable Spring Rolls anytime you are in the mood to indulge in Indian cuisine. Aside from delivery, Saffron Plates also offers catering and party platters for big groups. Give Rashmi’s team a call and they will hook you up!

For orders and inquiries, contact Saffron Plates on Instagram at

10. Pizzulu

Another popular food delivery item is of course, the good ol’ pizza. For a more grown-up take on this Italian classic, Pizzulu’s brick oven pizzas are sure to wow your family, even your kids. With favourites such as Four Cheese, Margherita and All-Meat, even the more adventurous Black Truffle Mushroom, Shrimp and Roasted Garlic and Spinach and Artichoke, these pizzas are crowd pleasers. Can’t decide which one to get? Get several. I guarantee that once you start, it’s hard to stop. Another food business born during the pandemic, Pizzulu took a risk that has totally paid off. 

For orders, visit their website at or their Instagram at

11. The Corner Pantry

As parents, it’s always ideal to have something on hand that we can easily whip up and prepare ourselves. I have six kids who are always hungry, so having a hefty stock of good quality frozen food at all times is my jam. And without a doubt, the family favourite is Corner Pantry. Our staples include Beef Tapa, Breakfast Pork Bangers, Chicken Tocino, Skinless Chicken Longganisa, Hakaw and Siomai. The best part: all their products are preservative / nitrite / nitrate / food coloring free. Corner Pantry also carries a number of kids favourites like mac n’ cheese, chicken nuggets, make-your-own pizzas and chocolate milk. Aside from their frozen goodies, you can never go wrong with Corner Pantry’s bottled food products such as the Chicken and Pork Adobo Flakes and Tinapa Crunch. Just heat and serve.

To see all their offerings, you may visit them at or their Instagram at @cornerpantry.

12. Pick-A-Roo

Okay, this is not a restaurant per se, but the best app I downloaded this entire quarantine is Pick-A-Roo. Aside from having a ton of restaurant options all over the Metro available to deliver whatever you fancy to your doorstep, you can also order groceries, household cleaning products, medicines, etc from your preferred grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies and more — all with just a few taps on your mobile device! What I really love about Pick-A-Roo is the speed and efficiency of their service and the payment options available: credit card, G-Cash and COD (Cash on Delivery). 

But, if I am being perfectly honest, nothing is more worth it to me than not having to sit in traffic to grab a few items from the store or to go and pick up some food. You guys have to try this app today and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

To download the app, search PICK.A.ROO on the App Store and Google Play. Their Instagram is @pickarooapp.

And there you have it. These are my top go-to places for easy and delicious meals for my family. I hope you can try them out if you haven’t already. Now, sit back, relax, stay safe and have your food delivered.

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