Make Your Own K-Feast With These Recipes!

Go on a Korean culinary journey with these recipes!

Yay, it’s almost the weekend! Have you thought of delicious recipes to serve your kiddos? If you haven’t, then take the family on Korean culinary journey with the recipes we’ve found. Here’s a hot tip: play your favorite K-Pop songs while cooking to get into the mood!


Homemade Korean Recipes - Bibimbap

Treat yourself with a big bowl of happiness — Bibimbap! Topped with beef, carrots, sesame seeds and mushrooms, this dish is something you’ll keep making for your family. Wondering how to make it? Check out The Inspired Home’s easy peasy step by step procedure!

Beef Bulgogi

Homemade Korean Recipes - Beef Bulgogi

This Korean Beef Bulgogi recipe is kid-approved! Your little munchkins will definitely enjoy eating these tiny slices of beef especially if you mix them up with its sweet sauce.


Homemade Korean Recipes - Kimchi

Are you looking for something spicy to eat while watching your fave K-drama series? This kimchi recipe by Fearless Eating is the perfect snack to munch! Best to serve with a glass of smoothie!


Homemade Korean Recipes - Samgyeopsal

Are you craving for some samgyeopsal but you’re worried that you can’t go out to dine in? We got you covered! Put the worries away because you can enjoy your own samgyeopsal party at home. Head to Cook Pad to find out what you have to prepare! 


Of course the list wouldn’t be complete without Korea’s famous shaved ice dessert — Bingsu! Topped with fresh fruits and condensed milk, you’ll surely enjoy sharing this sweet and creamy treat with the kids. And yes, you don’t need a fancy shaving machine to make it!

Korean Chicken Wings

Crispy, sweet and juicy — this Korean chicken wing recipe by Cake N Knife is finger-lickin’ good! The good news? You can serve this dish at any time of the day — whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Korean Banana Milk

If you’ve been to Korea, you’ve definitely tried the famous banana milk that can be bought at convenience stores. Korea’s banana milk is best described as delicately sweet with a gentle blend of banana and juicy gum taste which makes it unique! And now, thanks to this awesome recipe, you can recreate it at home.

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