2022 Philippine Elections: Why Your Vote Matters

The stakes are high as Filipino parents are among those who will choose a new set of leaders for the next 6 years on May 9, 2022

The declarations have been made, the filing of certificates of candidacies are done, and presidential interviews have been conducted. Everyone, welcome to the Philippine elections. February 8 marks the official start of the campaign season for the 2022 Philippine Elections. Presidential aspirants and members of their party will try to court millions of Filipinos to vote for them to become the leaders of the country for the next 6 years.

In December, the Commission on Elections reported that voters registration surpassed 67 million, showing that many Filipinos are determined to exercise their right to pick the country’s new leaders.

The stakes are high as Filipinos decide the future of the country. As we gear up for what could be the most intense and emotional elections of our time, here are reasons why your vote and those of other parents and their adult children will matter to the 2022 Philippine Elections this coming May 9.

Choosing leaders in time of crisis

Filipinos will have the choice to vote for leaders who will help us out of the crisis. With COVID-19 wrecking havoc on the economy and people’s health, voters will have a chance to cast their ballots for the leaders they believe can help them back on their feet.

Voting for leaders who believe in the people’s welfare

Parents and their adult children will choose a leader that will put the people’s problems and concerns first and not their own personal interests. Your vote will determine leaders who can help create and generate jobs, listen to the cries of the underprivileged, and make decisions for the future of many Filipinos.

Leaders who believe in truth and accountability

In a time where disinformation is faster than facts, we need leaders who will listen to the truth and be accountable for their actions. We want leaders who will learn from past mistakes and never repeat them. We need leaders whose values will help guide the next generation of Filipinos in the right direction.

Leaders who believe in democracy and diplomacy

Our vote matters because we need leaders who believe in freedom and diplomacy. Our vote matters because democracy, which was fought decades ago could be jeopardized if we don’t vote for the right people. We also want our leaders to be diplomatic given the issues past administrations faced from other countries.

The next generation’s future is on the line

Our vote matters because it’s not just our future that is on the line but the youth of today, our children are on the line. Six years for some may be short but those years are crucial. Small or big decisions can make an impact and it’s important that when we cast our ballot for the 2022 Philippine Elections, we will think not only of ourselves but the present and future generation.

Research, discern, and act

Voters will have three months to decide who to put in office. Do not be swayed by campaign promises and entertainment on the trail. Research if you must. Fact check details that you digest from the media, and most of all, act and head to the precincts on May 9. Be informed but be wise this time.

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