BLACKPINK Members Tell World Leaders at COP26 to ‘Take Climate Action In Your Area’

BLACKPINK members were appointed as COP26 ambassadors in February and told world leaders to take climate action in their areas.

BLACKPINK members and K-pop superstars called on world leaders at the ongoing COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, Scotland to do more action on the issue of climate change.

blackpink members speak about climate change

In a video aired during the summit on November 2, BLACKPINK members – Jennie, Jisoo, Rosè, and Lisa, who were appointed as COP26 ambassadors last February, spoke about their journey in learning about the issue.

For the group, climate change is the biggest issue their generation and future generations must address.

“As you, the world leaders, gather to focus on our climate crisis, we hope that you make the decisions necessary to protect our planet now and forever,” said Jisoo.

Meanwhile, Rosè, Jennie, and Lisa spoke about the agreement reached in Paris in 2015. They discussed the importance of limiting global warming. Lisa also pointed out that if the world temperature rises at two degrees, it could lead to drought, health, and even death worldwide.

“We, BLACKPINK, and Blinks, our fans, our generation, our world, will be watching and hoping,” the group said.

“Let’s work together for our planet. And take climate action in your area.”

Watch the full message below.


The COP26 is also known as the United Nations Climate Change Summit. It is a gathering of world leaders and environmental advocates in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss actions to save the planet from the impacts of climate change.

The conference opened last October 31 and will close on November 12. Having BLACKPINK members as ambassadors is a great example to the youth—especially our kids. By raising their voices in response to the climate crisis, more people can do their part in saving the environment.

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