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4 Important Qualities of Every Mom’s Dream Kitchen

SieMatic shows us what every mom’s dream kitchen should look like.

mom dream kitchen

Cooking can sometimes be so frustrating because we’re staring at the same old thing. A burnt stove, a heavy countertop, worn-out or termite-eaten drawers — all these things can really kill the love for and fun of cooking. Since we’re at home more often, our kitchen’s going to be one of the places we frequent whether it’s to heat up some new food finds or to clean up the dishes. So, we’ve compiled a list of important qualities of what every mom’s dream kitchen should have.

Proper Lighting

For some of us who’d like to double their kitchen as a dining area, lighting is what really sets the mood for eating. Dimmed lighting sets a romantic evening for you and your hubby if your kids are upstairs playing video games. Bright lighting works best for a warm family get-together or party. Having a lighting system even in your countertops will make it easier for us to find our tools instead of hurting ourselves in the dark.

Lightweight Drawers

mom dream kitchen

Every mom wants her dream kitchen to have drawers that are easy to pull out. While having countertops and drawers made out of solid Narra were a thing, we also learned the hard way that Narra is solid and heavy despite it being durable. As we get older, we won’t have the strength anymore to yank it out. So if we’re renovating our kitchen anytime soon, we suggest getting SieMatic for lightweight drawers. It’ll spare us the stress of struggling with the drawer’s weight.

mom dream kitchen

Transparent Shelves

Wood’s nice for shelves if they’re in a dry spot without termites to deal with. Nothing frustrates us, moms, more than pulling out our pretty crystal goblets only to wash it ourselves again because there are wood shavings inside it and we’re too paranoid to let anyone else wash it. Besides, for us modern-day moms, SieMatic’s glass shelves are a must in our dream kitchen since it makes it easier for us to spot dirt in the glasses, bowls, or any of our dining ware.

Smooth Feel and Texture

When cleaning up a kitchen, we often use our hands to check if there’s been a change in texture to find out if our drawers or countertops are dirty. Textured surfaces may be nice for walls but not for kitchens when we’re going to end up scrubbing the grooves—only to find every little crumb to avoid having some visitors. SieMatic creates an illusion of texture on their designs but maintains that smoothness for their kitchen handles to make sure no dirt clings to them.

Having our dream kitchen makes us moms want to cook again

mom dream kitchen

Having our dream kitchen can make cooking bearable for us moms again—from the processing all the way to the cleaning. It gives us the feeling that we’re a Masterchef in our home and, being surrounded by beautiful things makes us feel a deeper appreciation for cooking. With our kitchen slightly falling apart from wear and tear, it’s time we replace some of the stuff in the kitchen and make our way into building our dream kitchen with SieMatic. You can visit them in BGC or Mandaluyong for a private tour of their SLX Pure SieMatic Kitchen to get a sneak peek of the dream kitchen or book an online consultation with them.

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