Modern Parenting’s New Food Finds in NCR+

We’re always in a search for new food to get some semblance of novelty during the pandemic.

Since traveling’s been put off for a while, we’ll have to satiate our next pleasure: food. We’re always looking for new dishes especially when the kids start complaining about eating the same food from the same ol’ go-to restos. Then, there’s dealing with our own cravings, but we’re not sure where to get them. So, with the help of our editor-in-chief, we rounded up some places who deliver some pretty good food to tackle cravings and indulge our search for the latest finds.

1. Dish MNL’s Birria Tacos

Taco Tuesday’s back in the form of Birria Tacos made by Miakka Lim. The internet’s been abuzz about it but what’s so new about this taco anyway? Instead of using ground meat, the filling is made up of slow-cooked beef. Simmered for hours until it’s a melt-in-your-mouth consistency, the beef is shredded before being placed in a taco to be flash-fried to trap all that meaty goodness. The Birria Tacos are best eaten when dipped in the consommé. But if you’re not in the mood for rich flavors and want something lighter, there are chicken and fish tacos too. Dish MNL’s got this new food on the menu but you have to preorder it. Order it now so you don’t have to wait too long!

2. El Rey Dela Cucina

If you’re having that Tex-Mex craving, Jelo Singson’s El Rey Dela Cucina is a newly discovered gem that you can add to the list. Especially if the kids want something super cheesy, he has flavorful Enchiladas served with salsa roja and crema de ajo. But if you’re not in the mood for cheese, then the Chicken Fajitas have your name on it especially if you’re trying to stick to a no-carb diet. For the daily veggie requirement, there’s a vegetarian taco kit to help you start on a more plant-based journey. Send them a DM to ask about all their specialties and preorder now!

3. Kenny Rogers’ Plant-Based Burger

Some of us moms would love to go plant-based but it’s so hard to find places that dish out yummy selections. Let alone, get some kids to eat their veggies because they think it’s “old people food”. So, why not sneak it in the form of a burger? Kenny Rogers, in partnership with Beyond Meat, is now dishing out a plant-based burger and your kids will hardly be able to taste the difference. Plus, if you’re planning to go vegan, the burger is an easy way to start. You’ll just have to pass on the cheese if you’re really planning to go plant-based.

4. Berry’s Deli

Ready-made sauces are really a life-saver during the pandemic, especially when we’re not in the mood to cook! Berry’s Deli has Truffle Pasta Sauce, Spicy Sausage Chunky Tomato Sauce, Four Cheese Sauce, and Chorizo Bolognese Sauce — all of which are homemade. Now, if pasta’s off the menu for those on a keto diet, they’ve got steaks, sausages and a wide array of cheese especially if the kids are a bunch of cheese monsters. For party food like hotdogs, they’re going to love the DIY Corndog and Hotdog kits which are free of nitrates, extenders and preservatives, so it’s healthier. To order, just slide ’em a DM in their Instagram. Berry’s Deli by Berry Tenchavez-Stehmeir has products that are sure to become new pantry staples.

5. Farm To Fork PH

Another godsend for us working parents is Farm To Fork PH. Their ready-to-eat frozen viands called Eats Ready, are easy to prepare — just heat and serve. The Everlasting Embutido is one of their best-sellers. The Rellenong Bangus is generously stuffed and wrapped with nicely charred skin for that extra crisp. The classic Pork Sisig topped with crushed chicharon hits the spot — don’t forget the fried egg. Farm to Fork gives busy parents a wide array of home-cooked Filipino favorites to choose from. From the Chicken-Pork Adobo, Binagoongan to Chicken Pastel, you are sure to find some of your next family favorites. To order, just give them a call at 0918-8808600 or slide a DM into their IG for orders and deliveries. Farm To Fork PH will always be a welcome sight in your freezer.

6. SaladStop’s Yeobo Yeobo Warm Grain Bowl

Looking for something healthy to enjoy while binge-watching your favorite K-Drama? SaladStop’s got the answer. They’re famous for their Oh Crab Lah salad bowl but now they have something called the Yeobo Yeobo Warm Grain Bowl. It’s got warm quinoa (a healthier alternative to rice) and a variety of greens like spinach, alfalfa sprouts, and edamame before topping it all off with bulgogi beef and baked mushrooms. If you’re trying to find a healthier alternative to rice, the Yeobo Yeobo Warm Grain Bowl’s a good place to start. They’re available on Grab Food, Food Panda, and LalaFood with different branches so, it’s pretty easy to access!

7. Laguna Cake Co.

The perfect cake for those on a sugar ban, Laguna Cake Co. by Gigi Uson, offers Caviar Pie with a thin layer of black caviar on top. The best seller is the half Brie-half Caviar pie. All neatly arranged in an acrylic box, Laguna Cake Co. has other creations with some crackers and cold cuts in them. Their Lemon Lavender Tea Cake‘s good too for people who love fluffy cakes but don’t have a sweet tooth. Their cheese pie arrangements make perfect online party giveaways, gifts to your relatives or yourself if you want to indulge in some much-needed self-love.

8. Twenty Four Bakeshop

How about a cookie as a treat for your cheat day? Twenty Four Bakeshop takes pride in having a variety of cookies that are just oozing with all sorts of goodness. Their Chocolate Chip Cookie will not disappoint you with its bittersweet combination of Davao and Belgian chocolate. You might catch the kids red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar if it’s filled with Campfire Smores or the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies. The cookies are absolutely sinful — but it’s a sin we won’t regret. You can order either through their website or by messaging them at 09273416964.

There’s a lot of new food out there

The best part about this list? They are all approved by our very own editor-in-chief and resident momma of six, Marga Tupaz. “There’s a reason why people are talking about these dishes and it’d be such a shame if you didn’t get to try them out for yourselves,” she adds.

While we order from our old haunts because we’re assured it’s clean, it’s also fun to change things up a bit or add to the repertoire with some new choices. Finding something new keeps us sane and it gives us an assurance that time is moving and we’re not just floating and loitering by. So there we have it, some new food finds during ECQ Season 3! You’re welcome.

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