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Celebrate Your Pandemic Milestones with These 3 Restaurants

Celebrate your pandemic milestones with a feast

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic started, and that means we need to celebrate our pandemic milestones. Yup, those little reminders we’re still alive, kicking and surviving. Although there were times we wanted to give up that not even coffee could save us, we still made it. But celebrations are best done with family which we can do via Zoom or Google Meets with some really good food from these three restaurants.

1. Soban K-Town Grill

Soban’s Double Meat Dosirak

We miss the days when we could go to a Samgyupsal, listen to BTS or K-Pop music, and have a good family chat while eating. But since that’s been labeled as “dangerous” during the pandemic, Soban started selling box meals or trays to enjoy while we binge watch our K-Dramas. Their Bibimbap comes in Beef or Pork which is a pretty good way to get the kids to eat vegetables. Or, if they want something spicy, get the Tteokbokki which is rice cakes in a spicy sauce. They’re available on Grab or you can order from their website here: www.shop.soban.ph for food delivery. For pre-orders, you can Viber them at 0956 263 3017.

Soban’s Tteokbokki

2. Yayoi

Tasting authentic Japanese food during the pandemic’s one amazing milestone. Yayoi’s opening for delivery to help satisfy that Japanese craving. They specialize in Teishoku meals, a balanced meal in a box. So, if you’re not sure what specific Japanese food you’re in the mood for or you want to try something new, you can order one of their meals. The kids would definitely like their Chicken Namban Bites with tartar sauce. It’s an Asian take on Chicken Nuggets that the kids can enjoy either spicy or just plain juicy.

Fresh assorted sushi platters by Yayoi

Yayoi has a lot of branches. So, if you’re going to do pick-up, here are the branches and their numbers:

SM MEGAMALL: (8) 634.4865

SM MALL OF ASIA: (8) 821.6082


M1 TOWER: (8) 251.4401

SM CITY NORTH EDSA: (8)441.0073

Or, you can order from their website at https://order.yayoi.com.ph/.

3. Lechoneria

Lechoneria’s Filipino feast

Cebu-style Lechon’s a craving that we’ve been having for some time, especially if it’s good enough to eat without the sauce. And no family gathering — even if it’s just us and the kids — is never complete without a lechon. Lechoneria’s Lechon Belly is slow-roasted with herbs and spices inside that give the extra kick to the meat. They’ve also made Lechon Sisig, Laing with Lechon Bits — they’ve gotten really creative with Filipino meals. You can check out their menu and order either via Grab or on their FB: https://www.facebook.com/LechoneriaPH/. You can also contact their SM North EDSA branch at 0919 002 1833.

Pandemic milestones are worth celebrating!

Whether it’s your kids’ completing all their homeschool requirements on time or you managing to break even for the month, celebrating helps us remember that we’ve done our best back then and can do better in the future. At times, we may feel bad that we can’t celebrate with our other family members who are either frontliners or far away but we can help them feel loved. They too need to know that their being with you and surviving this pandemic are milestones worth celebrating. Order some food and send it over; let them know they’re loved. Don’t forget a card for that final touch!

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