The No-More-Tears Guide To Getting Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

Tired of dinner being a battle? Here are some tips to get your kids to finish (ok, try) the vegetables on their plate…

Most parents agree that apart from tearing kids away from their devices, getting kids to eat their vegetables is one tough gig. And it’s easy to give up, especially when you’re #sodone with homeschooling, working from home and the two combined. But here’s the thing — we want our kids to be healthy and have a balanced diet, but convincing them can get tricky. Need some help? Here’s what worked for us:

How to get kids to eat their vegetables

Eating vegetables ourselves

In case you didn’t realize, kids love copying their parents. If they see you eating your vegetables, chances are, they’ll probably want to eat them too. Our top tip? Be extra enthusiastic about your salad — or eating any kind of veg for that matter. Your curious kid will want to know what the fuss is all about.

kids eat vegetables rainbow veg
Look at all these colors!

Get them involved in the kitchen

Kids love playing kitchen helper, and getting them involved in food prep will get them excited about their meals. And yes, even if it involves anything green! Whether they’re just tearing salad leaves or peeling carrots, no task is too small for your kitchen elf. If you have time (and once the rules allow), you can take them to the market or grocery with you too!

kids eat vegetables cooking kid
Involve kids in food prep!

Make veggies cool

Don’t underestimate the value of good plating, especially when it comes to feeding kids vegetables. Let those creative juices flow and take inspiration from bento-moms. Plus, it’s your chance to play with food.

Try and try again

If your kids don’t immediately warm up to a certain vegetable, it’s absolutely normal. It will take a few tries, especially if they aren’t fans of texture or any kind of vegetable. Make your attempt at different mealtimes (yes, breakfast works too!) and don’t give up!

kids eat vegetables baby eating fruit
Get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables today!

Start ’em early

Did you know that babies can taste whatever’s in your breastmilk? So when you’re nursing, you might want to start foregoing those hamburgers (sometimes) and start eating some vegetables. Studies show that the flavors transfer into the amniotic fluid and breastmilk, which means your bub is super prepared for good eating — yay!

When it comes to eating vegetables, as with all things kid-related, all you need is a whole lot of patience, and this handy guide to help you out. Good luck, mom!

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