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You Don’t Need To Be Perfect: Say Bye to Mom Guilt

With instaperfect moms constantly populating our social media feeds, it’s easy to feel guilty about all the things we’re not doing (aka mom guilt). We’re under this insane pressure to be instaworthy—but at what cost? Our mental health? Instead of setting all these rules and restrictions for ourselves, why not take a load off and make life easier? We’re already going through a lot—pandemic or not—so stop thinking you’re doing something wrong and just let it go. We’re all just trying to do our best.

Instead of letting mom guilt get the best of you, why not embrace being a perfectly imperfect mom?

Here’s how to start:

Mom like nobody is watching

Remember what parenting was like before social media? Yep, just like back in the days when our parents used to write everything we did in baby books. Lay off the Insta and the Facebook and do your own thing—it’ll help with the mom guilt. We’ve got your back!

Be your own support group

How many times has your partner asked you to stop overthinking things? A lot? Us too! Sometimes, we need to remember to trust our gut feeling and stick to what WE think is right. The more you worry and second-guess yourself, the more likely you’ll succumb to mom guilt—eek!

Round up your girl gang

Everyone needs a little help from their friends and moms are no different. Having a group of friends who understand what you’re going through really helps, especially when you’re completely spent—no need to feel mom guilt. Plus, talking about kids always makes great happy hour fodder, right?

Don’t let your kid’s misbehavior affect you (or at least try not to)

Whether your kid is going through the terrible two’s or their extra-hormonal teenage years, it’s tempting to get into screaming matches when they’re misbehaving. But hey, it’s all part of growing up and learning. When you’re feeling especially frustrated, take a step back and try to understand why your child is acting out. Chances are, its probably not because of YOU.

Remember: it’s OK to ask for help

You may be superwoman, but even superheroes need help! Just because you forgot to buy food for dinner or let the baby cry longer than she was supposed to does not make you a bad mom. Remember, trying to do everything can get overwhelming for anyone, regardless of whether they are a parent or not. Let the people in your village pitch in every once in awhile and enjoy your break.

At the end of the day, a happy parent = happy kids. The happier you are, the happier your kids will be!

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