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This Boy’s Resilience Is Giving Us All The Feels

Although they drive us crazy 90% of the time, our kids can turn around and surprise us in many ways. Just when we thought we’d just about had it — BAM — our kids hit us with either major savagery or do something that really melts the heart. Yep, the latter always makes us feel like we’ve won the parenting jackpot (especially since it’s rarer) and is always worth sharing. And nobody knows it more than mom-of-four Mykee Veloso-Paradies.

When we heard about mom Mykee’s story about her son Alvar, we ugly-cried a bit and felt like we had to share this heartwarming story with the rest of the world. Here it is:

“This is my youngest, Alvar, and he’s an introvert.

Alvar during a Zoom call.

He’s been living in his worst nightmare since online learning started. And yet everyday, he gets up and gets dressed and sits in four Zoom classes. The stress of being called out to answer and talk in front of class brings him to tears on a weekly basis but he goes back and shrinks in his chair hoping nobody notices him.

Today they had to present to another class and he was waiting for an hour for his turn and when it was time for him, he broke down and I have never seen so much fear in his face when he told me he couldn’t do it. And I told him he had to face this and sometimes do things he didn’t want to do and also I was going to throw away his iPad and the TV remote if he didn’t. (Hard love, y’all)

And so even though he spoke for all of 10 seconds, he went back to class.

Every single time, even when he’s shaking and tearful after being called out, he goes back.

I have never been prouder. And I hugged him and told him we were going to get lollipops then I left him to go to the bathroom and cy.

Parenting is hard, but the rewards are just out of this world.

Awesome job, my dearest boy.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has tested our patience and our parenting skills. We’ve had to deal with SO much and it feels as if all tensions have been heightened. When it gets too much, remember to take a deep breath and allow yourself to cry. Doing your very best right now is more than enough. You’ve got this, mama!

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