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Dear Coffee: Thanks For Everything – Love, Moms Everywhere

For many moms (unless they’re tea drinkers, of course), coffee is life. It helps us get through those sleepless nights, through homeschooling and work, on top of it all. We’ve come to love it in all forms — Dalgona, iced, cold brew, lattes — all at different temperatures of course. Because, #momlife.

Which is why we’re paying tribute to our true BFF through this craziness called motherhood: coffee. Although our wishes for a caffeine IV won’t ever be fulfilled, we can always dream… and continue to rely on coffee to give us our energy through the day.

5 Reasons Why Moms Love Coffee

It gives us the strength we never knew we had

Remember those days we barely made it to school drop off because we’ve been up all night with the baby, or thought we couldn’t make it through the crazy lines at Landmark after running after the kids all morning? Coffee was there to remind us that we were indeed, strong enough to do anything. Diapers filled with major poopsplosions? No problem, just give me a sip of coffee and it will be allll goood….

It’s morning motivation in a cup

As much as we love waking up to our kids’ smiling faces and our partner’s morning breath, we love waking up to good cup of coffee even more. It motivates us when we’re at our grumpiest and groggiest, and instantly puts a smile on our faces as soon as we get that hit. Thank you.

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It doesn’t ask you for anything

When you hear the word “Mooooommmmm” or “Baaaaaabbeeee” at least five hundred and six times a day, knowing that something that brings so much happiness and pleasure won’t ask for anything in return, feels a little bit like heaven. Coffee won’t ask you if they can watch Paw Patrol or demand for a foot rub. It’s just there for you, when you need it the most.

There are no surprises

With coffee, you know what to expect, every single time. Add a bit of foamed milk, it becomes a latte. Add a thousand calories and it becomes a frappucino. There’s no hidden agenda or surprise — coffee is as certain as the rising sun and as predictable as your daughter’s Rainbow Dash pony birthday cake request.

It helps build friendships

Whether it’s with the cool colleagues at work or the moms in your kid’s soccer team, coffee is there to boost and build friendships. You don’t even have to buy coffee for anyone else — coffee lovers know that coffee is a need, and that in itself is worth bonding over. Take it to the next level with a slice of cake; you know you want to!

So coffee, thank you for always being there when we needed you the most — which is every…single…damn…day. You’re truly the best. Let’s never break up.



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