9 Best Lechon Baka In Manila: Get Your Fix at These pots!

Just because we don’t have big celebrations doesn’t mean we can’t spoil ourselves with the best lechon baka ever!

Because of the pandemic, we’re often buying takeout and the latest craze for pandemic takeout is Lechon Baka! We just love how the beef is delicately roasted, watching the fat drip off from the marbled meat. Once it’s done cooking, we can enjoy it with a cup of pinakurat or spiced vinegar or just plain suka’t bawang (vinegar and garlic). And if you’re looking for something to pair with rice, Lechon Baka really satisfies the meat craving that bugs us at night! Plus, if you have leftovers — it’s cost-efficient to keep for another meal!

And if you’re at a loss as to where to find the best Lechon Baka, here are some places to check out:

1. Rico’s

Best Lechon Baka done Cebu style

Hailing from Cebu, Rico’s became famous for authentic Cebu Lechon and easily becoming one of the best in Metro Manila. This time, they’re jumping on the Lechon Baka craze train with their Cebu-style Lechon Baka. Marinated and rubbed with various spices that give Cebu Lechon its spicy and explosive taste, Rico’s perfect for curbing the midnight munchies and enjoying with a fragrant cup of plain rice.

Planning to order from Rico’s? Here are their branches: SM City North, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Bago Bantay, Quezon City; U.P. Town Center, Diliman, Quezon City; Level 1 Food Village Building B Tiendesitas, Ortigas East, Pasig;The Fort Entertainment Complex, 5th Ave cor 28th St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

2. Andok’s

Best Lechon Baka from Andok's

Lazy to cook? Andok’s is the one to book! When we’re just not in the mood to slave over a hot stove, Andok’s has always been there to offer their freshly roasted Lechon Manok or their Stuffed Bangus. But now, they have Lechon Baka which for its price and its simplicity is also one of the best in Metro Manila. If we’re looking for something simple and not too herby, Andok’s is the way to go especially if you have some garlic rice, plain rice, or even some garlic pasta sitting in the refrigerator. Top it with a bit of parmesan or just eat it with vinegar, Andok’s Lechon Baka is one of the most flexible Lechon Baka dishes we’ve seen.

Andok’s has branches all over the nation so it’s definitely going to be hard to miss the yellow and red chicken logo you see everywhere!

3. Kraver’s Kanteen

If you’re looking for something that merits a chef’s kiss, Kraver’s Kanteen has a 24-hour marinated Lechon Baka. The 24 hour makes sure that the flavor of all the spices sinks deep into the meat so that once it’s roasted, the juices will immediately trap all that flavor. The slightly seared surface prevents any flavor from escaping and when you let those meat juices flood your mouth, you’re definitely going to feel the deliciousness all the way to your bones.

Kraver’s Kanteen is open for those in Paranaque and even offer free delivery via Grab for those in Paranaque from 4 PM onwards. But don’t worry, they deliver to all parts of Metro Manila! You can just contact them here at their Globe number – (63) 945 578 0724 or their Smart number at (63) 999 819 2248.

4. Borzoi’s Lechon Baka

Catering to Quezon City, Makati, and Cavite, Borzoi’s Lechon Baka specializes in coming up with party trays just filled with their perfectly roasted Lechon Baka. Unlike the other stores, Borzoi’s sells it in different sizes and caters to different amounts of people. So, if you want a party tray for a celebration or if you want just a small box for yourself, Borzoi gives you a chance to enjoy the best Lechon Baka ever without having too much leftovers (if there will be, that is!)

Order Borzoi’s Lechon Baka either through their Facebook or their Instagram. You can also call them up at 0916 725 0743.

5. Nokaboy’s Lechon Baka

Marikina may be the shoe capital of the Philippines but Nokaboy’s Lechon Baka is out to make Marikina the Lechon Baka capital of the Philippines. Unlike the other Lechon Baka, Nokaboy’s is best enjoyed with toyomansi. Nokaboy’s takes pride in their sauce which perfectly meshes with the taste of the freshly roasted Lechon Baka. With their pepper rub, you’ll be in for a smoky flavored Lechon Baka that’s perfect to enjoy with corn and carrots.

Craving smoky Lechon Baka from Nokaboy’s? You can call them up at 09156075972.

6. Ben’s Lechon Baka

Earning even a place in Inquirier, Ben’s Lechon Baka deserves a mention here. Hailing for Bulacan, Ben’s Lechon Baka offers its audience a slowly roasted calf over charcoal to give it that extra smoky flavor. They sometimes even do live cooking so if you do live in the area of Bulacan, you can check it out for yourself. Similar to most artisan roasting stores, Ben’s Lechon Baka sells them by the kilo with their lowest being 1/4 kilo and the highest being 1 kilo.

They also have other food on them but their Lechon Baka is truly their specialty. You can order from them by shooting Benjie a call at 09179292972 or just message them on Facebook too!

7. Mila’s

We often remember Mila’s for their lechon manok or their simple lechon. But Mila’s is also joining the craze with their own recipe! Mila’s version of the best roast beef is perfect for small family gatherings or if you’re just part of a family who eats for two people each then Mila’s can definitely provide. Their smallest order comes in 1/4 kilo but they also have 1 kilo which is good for 5-8 people. For big eaters at home, Mila’s definitely has your back.

To order from Mila’s, you can order from their main branch in West Trade Center, 132 West Ave., Quezon City.

8. Nena Fery’s House of Lechon Baka

We have one from the north and now we have one from the south. Nena Fery’s sends its roast beef from their hot ovens in Tanza, Cavite. However, they don’t just offer lechon baka. They have party sets that include vegetables, rice, dessert, and other meats to enjoy with their signature dish. While they don’t do take out, they do handle a lot of deliveries especially when they handle small birthday celebrations.

To order from Nena Fery’s, you can call them up at 09151865871 or 0932 858 2220. But if you want to check if they deliver in your area though, you can DM them in Facebook.

9. Ellie’s

Besides roasted lamb, Ellie’s offers to-go tubs filled with their famous lechon baka. Their soft and succulent roast beef has even earned recognition from EDSA Shangri-La’s Heat where they cater to all those who want a fancy plate of roast beef. Ever since the pandemic however, they changed their operations to make sure their fans still had their fill of rosy, wagyu roast beef. Don’t forget to enjoy it with their gourmet roasted veggies!

If you’re craving some good roast beef, be sure to shoot Ellie’s a call at 0917 811 5789. Or, you can message them too on FB.

Treat yourselves with a little roast beef once in awhile!

With the pandemic not showing any signs of coming to a stop, it’s important we spoil ourselves with good food. Although it’s not something fancy like a French dessert or a fancy cake, roast beef is still a perfect treat for ourselves especially after a long day of keeping house. Plus for those who are trying to manage expenses at home, buying Lechon Baka’s perfect especially if you can spread it across meals.

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