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How to Care for COVID-19 Patient At Home

With hospitals threatening to burst from patient overload, here’s how to care for a COVID-19 patient at home.

Uh oh, you have a problem: someone at home has COVID-19! Can we bring them to the hospital? Unfortunately, no — the cases are still climbing and the hospitals are still full despite the vaccinations. So, the best thing we can do right now is to take care of them at home. Although it will mean exposing yourself and maybe another family member or two, here are some ways you can take care of them while they’re at home:

Isolate, Sterilize, and Trace

Since COVID-19 is so contagious, you’ll have to isolate that one family member in one room where nobody not even the kids are allowed to go in. Isolate them immediately and make sure that everything they touch has been disinfected four times over: boiled, double soap, alcohol, and wiped clean. Same goes for the beddings. Some even recommend changing it everyday so the virus doesn’t jump back.

While doing that, call every person that your family member has been in contact with for the last 2 weeks to have themselves tested and quarantined for at least a week.

Inform the proper authorities (doctors and the BHERTS)

Although you can’t go to the hospital, that doesn’t mean you can’t inform the proper authorities so you’ll know how to deal with it. Each barangay has its own health worker and emergency team to help bring in supplies such as oxygen tanks and masks. Informing your family doctor will also help them have a chance of curing or treating your COVID-19 family member or if you yourself have it, can help them treat you.

Create a healthy environment

While you have a COVID-19 patient at home, everything has to stay clean. Diet plays a big role also in helping the immune stay up. So, you may have to stay off the Bagnet, Kare Kare, and fatty Adobo for awhile. You’re going to need boiled food like Chicken Tinola, or sauteed Ampalaya to make sure they’re a bit more healthy. Also, make sure everything’s clean because their immune system’s probably pretty shot from fighting with the virus.

The fight against COVID-19 starts at home!

While we are not doctors, we can help make their lives easier by taking these necessary precautions at home. We refer to them for medicines and more complex procedures while we can do our part in keeping their immune system up and keeping them well-fed and well-slept. It’s going to be a long battle but it’s better than letting COVID-19 just take them without a fight. We can do this and it’ll be all worth it when they get better.

Hope our article on how to care for a COVID-19 patient helped out! Check out our other stories about COVID-19!

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