Got a COVID-19 Patient at Home? All the info you need right here!

When someone in your household gets COVID, what do you do, who do you call, what do you need

With the surge of COVID-19 cases across the Metro, we are all requested to stay at home to protect our families from infection. But in the unfortunate case that one of our family members get infected, what can we do to ensure the patient’s safety? How can we avoid tirelessly going from one hospital to another and finding out the facility is has no bed for our kin?

Thankfully, through the consolidation of information across several institutions and health workers, a file is being disseminated for easy access to LGU’s, hospitals, and other important groups to help ease a compromised household’s situation. In an excel file made by the following groups of doctors, nurses, medical experts, and other concerned groups, each sheet provides a plethora of useful information

Sheet 1: LGUs

Contact your Local Government Unit (LGU) if you need information on available facilities. 

Sheet 2: Hospitals

This is one of the most useful sheets in this file where you have a list of hospitals. You can call these numbers to check for room availability, lessening the hassle of searching for one.

Sheet 3 and 4: Quarantine Facilities and Isolation Facilities

Quarantine facilities are for people who are suspects or not yet confirmed cases (mostly for those coming home from abroad). Isolation facilities are solely for covid diagnosed or confirmed cases. 

Sheet 5: Home Care Options

For those who can isolate the patient at home but need the appropriate care, these facilities can help with all the essentials.

Sheet 6: Telemedicine

If you need to get checked, kindly call the numbers provided. Do not go to the hospital unless advised by a tele-consult doctor, to avoid getting infections from the hospital.

Sheet 7: RT-PCR Testing

For those who need to check whether they are COVID positive or not, kindly call these numbers for an appointment.

Sheet 8 and 9: Oxygen Tank Supplies and Oxygen Concentrator

We advise everyone to not overstock at home as these supplies are needed in many hospitals. Doing so will contribute to the worsening condition of our health care industry.

Sheet 10: Nursing and EMS

If you require nursing and emergency medical services (EMS), you can call the numbers here to help transport patients to the appropriate facilities.

Sheet 11: Medicine Delivery

This is essential for those who need to buy medicine which can be bought in our local pharmacies and need this delivered.

Sheet 12: Guidelines for COVID Home Care

This sheet contains information on when to go to a hospital, the supplies you need at home, and how to care for patients that need not go to a medical institution.

Download the COVID-19 Resources file here

We would also advise everyone to not self-medicate, to always consult a doctor before going to a hospital or buying medicine, and to verify your facts first before spreading information which can be false.

We would like to thank the following individuals and groups for the creation of this helpful file:

Amianan Sanghabi, PSHS-MC Volunteers, JOffice of the Vice President’s E-Konsulta, Jeriel De Silos, Danci Rayos, Kat Villarante, Patty Singson-Samson, Avi Villones-Ongpauco, Joshua Young, and Doreen Balagtas-Esteban. We would also like to give thanks to all health workers: doctors, nurses, hospital administrative and maintenance staff who tirelessly work to fight the pandemic. 

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