Here Are 5 Benefits of Learning Outside the Classroom

By learning and playing outside the classroom, children develop new behavior skills through interactive fun and experimentation that better connects them to their interests

As our kids grow, we want them to be successful in their life pursuits by providing them with the best education possible. But learning never stops, not even in the classroom, and while there isn’t a set recipe for raising accomplished kids in the future, we can always support them in engaging in their interests and extracurricular activities

Between school and downtime, most kids have activities that can be physical, intellectual, creative, or adventurous in nature. Learning beyond the classroom offers opportunities to enrich a student’s educational experience by showing them real-life applications, and all are made possible with every specially marked pack of Nissin Wafer that guarantees one free pass to enjoy fun and educational activities.

Here are the benefits of learning outside the classroom’s four walls:

Nurturing Creativity and Imagination

gootopia nissin wafer learning
Experience making your own slime at Gootopia. Photo from Gootopia

Learning extends far beyond textbooks and classrooms. It’s about embracing the world as one’s classroom, and as our children’s imagination runs wild, they’re free to explore possibilities and, possibly, creative solutions. With interactive learning and creative play, kids are encouraged to think outside the box. 

With Nissin Wafer’s support, our young ones can enjoy playdates at Gootopia, where they can unleash their creativity in the Slime Lab or join a session of pottery class at Rise and Shine Pottery Studio. 

Encouraging Physical Activity

ballet center nissin wafer learning
Ballet is an art form that inspires children to be creative in movement. Photo from Ballet Center

Outdoor learning allows children to be physically active by developing essential motor skills and coordination, vital for their overall health and well-being. But these benefits don’t stop with physical health. Getting more active can also help children better manage their anxiety and depression and increase their self-esteem.

This special Nissin Wafer campaign for our kids aims to provide additional enjoyable and educational experiences, including a buy-one-get-one session for a Martial Arts class at Limitless Fitness and Martial Arts, and one free session of Ballet Intro lesson at the Ballet Center. 

Understanding Real-World Experiences

enchanted kingdom learning outside the classroom
Enjoy the magic that lives forever at Enchanted Kingdom. Photo from Enchanted Kingdom

By exploring the world outside, kids can apply their knowledge and skills in real-world situations. This exploration can help them better understand the relevance and importance of what they are learning and how it can be applied in reality. A good example is theme parks, which offer the ultimate vehicle for innovations in storytelling technology and immersive experiences.

Nissin Wafer offers a thrilling way of learning through a free junior day pass at Enchanted Kingdom or getting splashed at Waterworld Iloilo. Here, children can learn about the physics behind the rides and waterworks. 

Fostering Soft Skills

laser tag game learning outside classroom
Prepare your team and head over to the enemy’s base at LazerXtreme. Photo from LazerXtreme

When kids have shared interests, hobbies, and passions with others, they engage in a broader range of soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership, compromise, and communication. Through socialization and interaction, activities turn into a unique and memorable experience. 

To keep the connection strong with others, part of Nissin Wafer’s special pack is a buy one and get one ticket for unlimited games at LazerXtreme. If the kids want something more mysterious, there’s also Mystery Manila to keep the group working together to escape. 

Connecting with Nature

camping learning kids campfire
Camping is a great way to get your kids away from devices and back in touch with nature and family. Photo from Green Narra Campsite

With fresh air, natural light, and countless options for exploration, outdoor spaces naturally engage our children. Nature offers valuable lessons for kids about the world around them, from the plants and animals that inhabit their surroundings to the ecosystems that support them. 

Bringing the benefits of nature to our young ones, Nissin Wafer’s special packs offer a free entrance to Zoofari’s Kid’s Adventure, a visit to Paradizoo Theme Farm, a trip to Green Narra Campsite, and more. 

Outside learning helps our kids open up to new ideas, embrace changes, develop skills, meet new people, and experience the real world. With a spark of curiosity, they get to discover life on their own. 

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