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5 Father’s Day Gifts That Cost Nothing

Time to get them a more meaningful Father’s Day gift! Best part is, these gifts don’t cost a thing!

We think our dads know that they are our #1 in our world by now — it’s all over the mugs we buy them every year! But we think it’s time to change our strategy and make Father’s Day a little special for them during the pandemic. Dads can essentially buy anything they want (just like us, working moms!). So, we thought maybe we should try something that’s a little less costly but with more love and heart from us and the kids.

1. A Collage of Photos of the kids with Dad

It’s usually us moms who are in the picture but dad also had a hand in bringing up the kids. If we’re the ones playing the bad cop, he’s usually the one playing the good cop. The kids and he have so many happy memories together; what better way to commemorate it than to have a collage he can hang in his closet before he heads out? Or, if you’re more tech-savvy — make a wallpaper for his cellphone or his laptop by using Canva if you don’t have enough space on your computer for Adobe Photoshop.

2. Homemade Sugar Free Snack

Dad’s not getting younger, which is why he can’t have that much sugar. We know sugar’s bad for him but we don’t want him to live life not being able to taste sweet food ever again! But how do you make something sweet with no sugar? We know that some keto-friendly bakeries use sweeteners like Erythritol, Stevia, Xylitol, or Maltodextrin to help stave the craving for sugar. So, maybe the kids and you can try making sugar-free berry popsicles for dad to help him beat the heat!

3. A Web Gathering with his friends

Back then, it was easy for dad to have a boy’s night out with the rest of his friends. But with the pandemic, that’s made it impossible unless they go eating on a terrace, veranda, or porch. Plus, some of his friends may have already migrated with their families to other countries. So, what if we can give him a boy’s night out online? Granted, it’s not the same as meeting them physically but we’re sure he’d like to hear their voices and stories again on Father’s Day.

4. A Handmade Card

D.I.Y Father’s Day Cards from The Pioneer Woman

Remember all the little drawings and cards your kids used to make for you and dad every year on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? While it seems small compared to the other Father’s Day gifts, we have a feeling that these really melt dad’s heart especially if the kids are growing up. He’ll treasure those little cards especially when the kids are ready to leave the nest. So although you’ll meet some protests and confused noises from the kids, we know that they’ll eventually realize that their card is more expensive and treasured than any gift they can buy for him.

5. A Container Set for his Loose Change

Recycled Treasure Box Chest from the Creative Jewish Mom

Since dad’s always out or always on the move, he’s never going to have time to figure out where to put his loose change. But we do know a place he can put it in: plastic containers from all the takeout we’ve been eating! Not only is it sustainable but the kids can also paint it so he’ll really know it’s meant for him and his loose change. Plus, if he’s the meticulous type, he’ll have a container where he can also disinfect his money!

The best gifts for dads are the priceless ones!

We buy gifts for dad because it’s the easiest thing we can think of. While it’s not entirely a bad thing, we know that he might appreciate something a little more handmade especially if it’s from the kids. Although dads don’t show it, they’re like big teddy bears that need a lot of love, just like everyone else. And to show that love doesn’t need to cost a thing! All it takes is some creativity, a bit of help from us moms (to keep the gift-making clean!), and effort from the kids to make Father’s Day memorable for dad.

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