Modern Parenting’s Top 20 Hot Dad Crushes

These guys are proof that abs are in and dad bods are out.

There are men that are good eye-candy, and there are hot guys who make fatherhood look good. Yes, nothing’s hotter than a supportive and hands-on dad. We like dads who love spending time with their kids, helping with the housework, and supporting their families in whatever they do. But these dads are all that AND a bag of chips. They totally cherish the role of dad while looking really good. What’s not to love in a dad who’s got both heart and sex appeal? Here are our top 20 hot dad crushes for you to ogle:

Top 20 Hot Dads Worth Checking Out

1. Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes, even with his work as a film producer and an exclusive talent of GMA Network, manages to be a great husband to his wife, the timeless beauty, Marian Rivera and an even greater dad to their kids — 6-year-old Zia and 2-year-old Sixto Dantes. Despite his busy schedule as both dad and talent, Dingdong takes the time off in the morning to get on his bike while exchanging ideas with friends on how to improve their workouts.

2. Richard Gutierrez

Father to the fashionable Zion Gutierrez and husband to fashionista mom Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez got bitten by the fitness bug when he found a gym buddy in his twin brother, Raymond. For him, the best way to get fit and get healthier is to do it in tandem. And who better person to do it with than his twin brother, Raymond? You can check them out on Raymond’s YouTube channel as he documents his weight loss journey.

3. Piolo Pascual

Father to songwriter Iñigo Pascual, Piolo Pascual still looks amazing at 44 years old. Even with the stress of being a multi-hyphenate, he stays in shape by biking, lifting weights, trail running, badminton and being more mindful of what he eats. And it seems he’s getting back into the showbiz industry as well! He plans to accept the role in a new movie called The Broken Marriage Vow where he’ll be working together with his good friend, Judy Ann Santos.

4. Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales (also known as Echo) has been maintaining himself all throughout quarantine with his light gym workouts. And it’s been doing great for him especially when he has his son, Santino, to enjoy surfing and working out with. He’s also doing his best to parent by example and showing his son that a father can be present if he chooses to. Echo and his ex, Kai Palomares successfully co-parent Santino, and at the same time, he is happily married to model, Kim Jones.

5. Rodjun Cruz

Actor, dancer, and singer, Rodjun Cruz, despite his busy schedule as a star as all those three, still finds time to be a dad to his son Joaquin Medina Cruz and husband to Dianne Medina. Although he doesn’t dance as much, thanks to his new sports gear business venture with his brother, check out his occasional dance moves on Instagram.

6. Jake Ejercito

Jake Ejercito has been doing his best to be a great single dad to his daughter, 9-year-old Ellie. Yes, you heard us right — he’s still single! While he and Ellie bond over Harry Potter and Tiktoks, Jake has done nothing but his best to make sure Ellie is happy despite the pandemic. Currently, he’s working on a new movie called “Marry Me, Marry You”. So, don’t forget to catch it once it comes out!

7. Hideo Muraoka

When it comes to juggling one’s careers, passions (as a model, photographer, yoga and OCR instructor, creator of The Movement Tribe, Style HM, and co-partner of Nomi Café), and responsibilities as a dad to Danda and Kenzo, Hideo Muraoka is one dad who can do all that seamlessly and look steamy at the same time. After all, if he was made to walk down the runway to feature Michael Cinco’s and Rajo Laurel’s works, you know he’s definitely good-looking.

8. Phil Younghusband

Just because he stopped playing football and became a dad, doesn’t mean Phil Younghusband stops looking good. As a former player of the Azkals, the Philippine national football team, he was one of the players who raised awareness about this sport around the country. Becoming a household name, the hardcore workouts never really left its effects on him even after he retired. Although it’s not the same as hearing the cheers from the crowd for every goal, he’s more than happy to spend his days quietly back in the UK with his wife Margaret and his son Philip James.

9. Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay, dad to Austin Ramsay (and soon-to-be stepdad to Ellen Adarna’s son, Elias) definitely doesn’t look his age. He’s been keeping fit by being part of the National Beach Football Team, lifting weights and running occasionally. Because he’s been in a lot of our local action films, Derek Ramsay has to really keep himself fit and in shape. And judging from his schedule, yes, he can afford a donut or two from Dunkin Donuts. If he’s going to chase criminals for piracy, he’s going to need that energy.

10. Markus Paterson

We may know Markus Paterson as a Filipino-English footballer, actor, and television host. But that’s not all he is now. He’s also now the dad of Jude and husband of Janella Salvador. As a football player, Markus trained day in and day out, and had to maintain his tip top shape and form for all his games. All that running, jumping, and dodging past the other players definitely has Markus toned and lean in all the right places.

11. Daniel Miranda

Now a faithful partner to Sofia Andres, and a doting dad to their baby Zoe, Daniel balances his life as a program development associate in Go Negosyo for budding entrepreneurs while following his father’s footsteps as a racecar driver. He’s still racing, especially now in places like Singapore, Indonesia, and Macau. Although he comes from the distinguished Lhuillier family, Daniel Miranda’s going for the self-made route, and what’s not to love about someone who blazes his own trail?

12. Nico Bolzico

Husband to famous actress, designer and painter Solenn Heusaff, Nico Bolzico has been more than happy to support Solenn in her career and motherhood journey. Solenn herself even notes that Nico and their daughter, Thylane are so similar in a lot of ways which make her love them even more. A multi-hyphenate like Solenn, Nico has also been chasing his own passions through the agribusiness, Fitness App known as Rebel, and his restaurant: Chingolo Deli.

13. Anton del Rosario

Footballer for the Maharlika Manila and Philippine Team representative, Anton del Rosario looks hot and gets even more handsome with the way he supports his partner, actress-designer Sam Richelle, and guides their son, Myles. Despite his active lifestyle of being part of Maharlika Manila, he puts a lot of effort in making sure that he and Myles are each other’s best friends. And when we see fathers putting their best foot forward to help boys become better men, we know he’s definitely got a good heart to match the bod.

14. David Semerad

Twin brother to Anthony Semerad, David Semerad’s got a pretty outstanding record as a basketball player under the Blackwater Bossing Team. Even though he has tournaments and shots to score, he still has the time to be a romantic husband to his wife, Gwen and dad to their son, Cooper. David and his brother, Anthony, are an interesting mix of Czech and Filipino so he’s definitely someone we’d call a more exotic version of a hot dad.

15. John Lloyd Cruz

Although he stayed out of the limelight for a while, that doesn’t mean John Lloyd Cruz has stopped glowing. With the way he looks despite the sudden return to the stressful entertainment industry, he shows that there is a reason he was ranked third among the 100 Most Beautiful Stars in 2010. And despite the rocky start he had as a parent, he’s now doing well with co-parenting his son Elias with his ex, Ellen Adarna.

16. Troy Montero

Eurasian has always been a handsome mix. Troy Montero’s definitely an example of that. Although the pandemic messed up his wedding plans with his long-time partner Aubrey Miles, Troy always extends a helping hand and support to raising their three kids: Maurie (19), Hunter (12), and Rocket (2). Although there are no plans yet, rumors say they’re finally tying the knot in July!

17. Victor Consunji

Brains can make a dad hot too! Victor Consunji, an engineer, runs his own construction company — VConsunji — and completed The M Residences to help young Filipino families get started. While he’s not doing that, he’s being a father to his son Connor and a husband to his wife, former Binibining Pilipinas beauty queen Maggie Wilson. He also has quite a love for photography to help balance the stress from running his construction company.

18. Luke Landrigan

You must be blind or crazy if you don’t think surfer dad Luke Landrigan doesn’t look sexy! As a professional surfer and brand ambassador to Billabong, he’s constantly working out and hanging 10 in the waves. It’s not surprising that both his kids — Kai and Luna — inherited their love for the water from him. Did we forget to mention he’s got several trophies for long boarding under his belt? He may as well have a trophy for having washboard abs too!

19. Oyo Sotto

Father to four (soon-to-be five) kids and married to Kristine Hermosa, Oyo Sotto is not only good-looking but has also mastered the art of comedy. Didn’t we women say that humor is a big criterion in rating a man’s sex appeal? So, if you want gorgeous and good-looking, you have Oyo! Though, look only, no touching. Being born into showbiz royalty and being around celebrities all his life has him unfazed by all the glitz and glam. He is a family man through and through and is very close to his siblings including his half-brother, Pasig’s current and beloved young mayor, Vico Sotto.

20. Chito Miranda

Chito Miranda and how much he loves his wife Neri Naig is what gets us everytime! A good serenade or two, quite possibly a poem or a love letter — now that is HOT. And that’s what Chito Miranda’s good at. As the lead singer of Parokya Ni Edgar, you know that he definitely has the pipes to serenade you. He’s the lead singer after all and also one of the band’s pioneer members. While’s he not recording some cool tunes, he’s helping their son, Miggy become a vlogger real soon!

Being a dad > Bachelor life

These dads became hot in our book not just because they are eye candy or can sport some washboard abs and call it a day. These fathers stepped up to the role of becoming a more hands-on parent when most of the time, dads leave it up to mom.

With them being more present, their kids will be more than happy to know that their amazing dads will be with them every step of the way.

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