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Why Piolo Pascual Is The Ultimate Cool Dad

We had a chat with Piolo Pascual to get the lowdown on what it’s like to be a dad to Iñigo and how their relationship has changed through the years

Raising a young adult isn’t easy, but Piolo Pascual takes it all in stride. It helps that he has a great relationship with 23 year-old Iñigo, who’s been making his own way into his dad‘s realm — the world of showbiz — as a singer, dancer and actor. It also helps that he’s the ultimate cool dad. He’s got undeniable confidence, that low-key swagger and crazy drive on top of being an awesome, loving dad to Iñigo. The best part? He isn’t afraid to show it. Yep, he’s the kind of guy who’s openly affectionate with his son and we love that about him. Here’s why else we can’t get enough of Papa P — Piolo Pascual.

Being a young (long-distance) dad isn’t easy

“I had Iñigo at a young age,” shares Piolo. “My career was just getting started. But he moved to the US with his mom and grew up there.” Despite the distance, Piolo remained a big part of Iñigo’s life. As busy as he was with his work schedule, Piolo made it a point to be as involved as he could be in his son’s life. “We’d talk on the phone a lot, and when I’d visit, we’d always hang out and play video games, go go-kart racing and watch movies.” says Piolo.

He’s a family-oriented guy

It’s no secret that Piolo Pascual has always been a family guy, and it’s a trait that he’s passed on to his son. Both Iñigo and Piolo are very vocal about their close relationship with their family, especially now that everyone’s back in the country. “I have it (mostly) easy with my son,” Piolo says. “He’s really family-oriented and just gets it. He’s also really loving and affectionate and knows how to make people happy.”

He’s set a great example for his son

Anyone in the know understands that success in showbiz takes more than good luck. It requires a whole lot of dedication and hard work, two things Piolo is known in the industry for. “Iñigo grew up seeing how much of a workhorse I was. He realized that you need to work really, really hard to get anywhere,” Piolo reveals. And now that Iñigo is making his own way in showbiz, he’s also putting in hours. “My son is very hardworking,” says Piolo. “He understands that talent can only get you so far. Iñigo’s always trying to challenge himself and try new things — I really admire that about him.”

He’s mastered the art of arguing with a young adult

As a young dad, Piolo considers himself lucky to be able to relate easily to his son. They’re able to discuss serious topics and reason with each other. But it wasn’t always so smooth sailing. After moving to Manila at 18, as all teenagers do, Iñigo had his moments. “When he just came back from the US, he’d talk back, which really shocked me. It wasn’t something I was used to,” Piolo shares. “But then I realized that it was actually a good thing — he’s actually being open about his feelings.”

He’s a doting dad

Piolo Pascual is one proud papa and isn’t afraid to show it. For someone who is so used to the spotlight, he’s ready to sit on the sidelines and support his son. He says, “I’m really happy at the way things have turned out, how he’s carving his own path. Iñigo composes his own songs, sings and dances so, so well. I think he’d be in showbiz, even if I wasn’t his dad.”

Affectionate, doting, hard working, talented — if that doesn’t make Piolo the ultimate cool dad to Iñigo Pascual, we don’t know what else does.

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Photography by MIGUEL ABESAMIS
Videography by JR RAMIREZ 

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