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Piolo Pascual’s Anti-Aging Secrets: Revealed

Apart from a healthy diet and exercise, here’s what else is in Piolo’s anti-aging regimen

Despite being in showbiz and under the (literal) spotlight for hours on end, Piolo Pascual still looks like he’s in Mother Nature’s good graces. And it’s so, so unfair. For most people, a hectic schedule topped with a good few layers of makeup is equivalent to breakout and wrinkle city. But not Piolo. Here’s how he does it..

A balanced diet

When it comes to eating, Piolo believes in balance. A self-confessed foodie, Piolo Pascual enjoys his food but knows when to limit himself. He counters his indulgences by eating better the next day or working out more.

Lots of exercise

Since moving to Batangas, Piolo has been enjoying his time in the great outdoors. In fact, he’s added trail running to his list of go-to workouts. A true-blue endorphin junkie; Piolo exercises everyday. “In this industry, you need to stay on top of your game. And that also means looking and feeling good.” he says.

No vices but lots of sleep

“I stay away from vices, I have none.” says Piolo. You won’t see the aging effects of alcohol or nicotine on Piolo’s skin. His ultimate guilty pleasure? Curling up in bed and sleeping — a lot. “I love to sleep, I’ll sleep for hours and hours.” Piolo shares.

A simple skincare routine

When it comes to his skincare routine, Piolo keeps it simple. After a day of taping, he’ll wash away the makeup with his favorite mild soap to keep his skin exfoliated, detoxified, moisturized and most importantly, squeaky clean. “My skin is dry so I always need to remember to hydrate,” he shares.

Whatever Piolo’s doing is obviously working for him. Whether it’s great genes or sheer hard work, we’re totally here for it.

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