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How Piolo Pascual Paves The Way For The Next Generation

Times are changing but Piolo Pascual’s staying power is proof that there’s always room for a classic

Despite all his accolades, award-winning actor, singer and producer Piolo Pascual will be the first to tell you that success — especially in showbiz — doesn’t come easy. “I’m a product of hard work and persistence, ” says Piolo. These two traits —among others— are the reasons why many young actors look up to Piolo. And with his son following in his footsteps, he’s more determined than ever to set a good example for the next generation. Here’s how he’s doing it:

By staying on top of his game

Being lauded as one of the country’s best actors takes a lot of dedication — and, not surprisingly — a lot of training. Piolo Pascual is constantly honing his craft through studying and training. His advice? “Don’t ever get comfortable,” he says. “You need to challenge yourself and focus on that.”

Following his own set of values

Discipline, humility, integrity, passion — these are the values that Piolo has always lived by. And obviously, it’s working. He believes that by having all these, you’ll be able to accomplish anything in life. Piolo shares, “It doesn’t matter how good they think you are. It’s all in the mind — you have to believe in yourself and trust that your values will take you places.”

Competing with himself

“Your biggest competition is yourself,” says Piolo. “You shouldn’t compete with anyone, everyone’s successes are their own.” Throughout his career, Piolo’s set high standards for himself, constantly pushing limits to see what else he can achieve. He explains, “Showbiz is fleeting, one day you’ll be past your prime. So you need to work really hard to stop that and set yourself apart.”

There’s no doubt that Piolo Pascual is passionate about what he does, which is why young actors everywhere — his son included— are inspired by his success. And even after being in the business for more than half his life, we don’t see any signs of him stopping anytime soon. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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