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Meet The Original Legendaddy, Raffy Zamora

Dads need support too, which is why they’re thankful for Raffy Zamora’s Legendaddy Facebook group

Many of us have the impression that dads don’t really need emotional support. They’re supposed to be tough, manly men who rarely cry and make cringe-y jokes. But times are ‘a-changing, folks. Now, there are tattooed dads, dads who raise their kids without gender norms, dads who raise their kids long-distance and dads who bond with their kids through business . And yes, they all need their own treehouse to vent out to — which is why Raffy Zamora created Legendaddy, a Facebook group exclusively for dads. We spoke to Raffy to get the lowdown on Legendaddy and why he started the group…

Not your average dad

Bonding with Becca!

A former F&B vet, Raffy waved the brutal working hours goodbye and made a career switch so he could spend more time with his kids, Kristen (22), Becca (3) and Nalia (7 months). Although it was a huge risk, it paid off. “When Becca was born, I wanted a career where I could have some liberty with my time. Thankfully, I found financial planning. It was a more fulfilling career choice, especially since I could bring my kids to preschool (pre-covid), spend holidays and take vacations with them.” Raffy shares.

The freedom of his schedule also allows Raffy to be a full-time dad. “My day starts and ends with my girls. Since I’m mostly WFH, I attend virtual preschool with Becca as much as I can, we watch Disney Princess movies everyday and have story time before going to bed at night. I’m really cherishing all these precious moments until they outgrow it.”

The birth of Legendaddy

When Raffy’s daughter, Becca, was born, he felt very, very lost trying to navigate life as a new dad. “Every website and resource I found on child development and parenting was almost always exclusively talking to mothers; on social media Mom groups were everywhere, but dad groups were very few and far between, especially locally,” Raffy explains.

So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own dad Facebook group. What started out as just his dad friends has become a 4,000 member-strong Facebook group and growing! “It’s one of the most positive things I’ve ever done and one I am so proud of. The community is very respectful,” Raffy says, “And while the group can be a parenting and marriage meme depository most of the time, we also talk about important issues like discipline, managing screen time… It’s a space new dads can ask on even the most basic things like diaper preference, or what to pack in a diaper bag.”

Because dads need their own safe space too

Raffy and his daughters, Becca and Nalia.

“I think it’s important for dads also to have a space where they can just be themselves. Life most certainly comes with no manual, and things just get harder and more complicated when you’re trying to raise kids, so having a space where you can ask for help or advice from people who know exactly where you’ve been or are currently in the same boat can be very very helpful.”

“What will sometimes come naturally for some moms won’t be the same for dads, and oftentimes it can be embarrassing for dads to ask their partners, so this group is really for that. My mission for the group is simple: “to help dads become better dads, whatever that looks like.” Raffy explains.

How do we sign up?

“It’s really simple,” says Raffy. “You just have to be a dedicated dad.”

We’re grateful for dads like Raffy who aren’t afraid to be the best dads they can be — without judgement. And through Legendaddy, he’s spreading the good vibes and advice that all parents need.

Sign up for Legendaddy’s Facebook group here.

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