8 of Zion Gutierrez’s Greatest Fashion Moments

Happy Birthday, Zion! May your year be great and fabulous! Always stay trendy and safe!

Happy 8th Birthday, Zion Gutierrez! We hope that you have a great and fabulous birthday today!

For the longest time, Zion has pulled off a lot of trendy and fashionable looks. With fashionista mom Sarah Lahbati and cool Tito Raymond to influence him, Zion’s fashion has always been on point! And for his birthday, we decided to pick out 8 of his greatest fashion moments:

1. Tribute to Laker 24: Kobe Bryant

Dedication to Kobe Bryant, Zion Gutierrez in a Lakers Jersey

When you hear Lakers, most people (even non-basketball fans) remember the late Kobe Bryant. Playing as the Shooting Guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s been with them for the last 20 years. He has become so iconic that the number 24 has always been reserved for Kobe.

But that doesn’t mean the dream doesn’t live on. Kobe’s plays have inspired even Zion’s basketball wear. Complete with the jersey and black basketball shoes, Zion’s ready to take the court on by storm.

2. Presenting Zion, PH Ambassador for the UN

Ambassador of the United Nations for the Philippines

As part of one of his school requirements, Zion goes in a Barong Tagalog to serve as the Ambassador for the Philippines in the United Nations gathering.

3. Grey but Peppy

Zion Gutierrez in Gray

When people see grey, they think it’s a sad color. But not for Zion. His white button up shirt accents his grey sweater which he pairs with a pair of khaki pants. And a lot people say that khaki and grey are either too neutral or too sad. But, they’re probably just mixing the wrong hues.

Try it Zion’s way. You’ll probably like it better.

4. In All White

Zion Gutierrez in Albert Andrada

Donning a custom-made Albert Andrada all-white suit, Zion definitely takes his position as a ringbearer seriously.

5. Moto Racing Zion

Motocross Racing

Nothing beats the thrill of riding a motorcycle. But Zion’s not old enough yet to legally own one. That doesn’t mean he can’t learn how by going through the different tracks and practicing on the smaller ones. Might as well get the accompanying clothes to look the part.

6. Going modern camo

Modern Camo Design

People often associate camouflage art with the military. But nowadays, people have turned camouflage into an art print. Here we see Zion in a military print shirt paired with a nice pair of khaki pants for a cute but edgy look.

7. Richard and Zion in Black

Daddy Richard Gutierrez with his son

Standing in front of a portrait with Daddy Richard, Zion Gutierrez mimics his dad’s pose to take some of the oozing coolness. The navy blue Gucci printed sweater and black jeans is a classic look that Zion knows how to rock with style.

8. Going for the classic Zion

For the last eight years, Zion Gutierrez has always been rocking either the latest or the most timeless of threads. His light brown hair has always made it easy for him to rock any thread and still look cute. But let’s not forget that his fashionista mama Sarah Lahbati and his cool Tito Raymond are the minds behind his fabulousness.

With Zion looking as great as he does, it’s no surprise that he’s going to go places. We hope you had an amazing 8th birthday, Zion!

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