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SO CUTE: All the September Celebrity Baby Pics You Need In Your Life RN

Yep, 2020’s heck of a time to have a baby — especially with the quarantine in place. We’re giving major props to all the mamas who’ve braved the unknown and brought their uber cute babies into this crazy, crazy world.

Here are the celebrity babies who’ve made headlines this month:

Sachi Brielle Sotto Llanes

Paulina Sotto with daughter Sachi

Say hey to little Sachi Brielle, born 7 September to Paulina Sotto and Jed Llanes. We hear she’s a sleepy one who loves her milk and smiling after a feed. The new mama says “Having a newborn is exhausting. But wow, it’s true what they say— when I see her beautiful face, all the exhaustion goes away and I feel nothing but love.” Awwwww…..

Amari Garcia Crawford

New parents Coleen Garcia Crawford and Billy Crawford welcomed Amari the most amazing way — through a natural home water birth on 10 September! The brave mama recently celebrated her 28th birthday and had this to say: “I haven’t had much time for anything other than catering to our baby, but this time has been special , and I know it’s gonna go by so fast. I’m still trying to adjust—physically, mentally, and emotionally—to what feels like a whole new life, so I’ve kind of been in my own little bubble lately. The past couple of weeks have been challenging, but I’m so so thankful, and I feel incredibly blessed and determined to be the best I can be.”

Rodolfo Joaquin Diego Illustre III

Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina with their first son, Joaquin

Check out this cutie Joaquin Ilustre with his parents, Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina. The TV host and actor welcomed their new bub on September 10. We hear that little Joaquin is starting to look a whole lot like Daddy Rodjun!

Domiku Yosef Woolbright Sotto

Gian and Joy Sotto with Domiku

The Woolbright-Sottos are officially a family of 8! On September 12, Joy Woolbright Sotto and Gian Sotto welcomed their youngest son, Domiku. The older siblings are reportedly over the moon over their baby brother, sneaking in lots of kisses whenever they can. The story behind Domiku’s unique name? Domiku is a Basque name that means “belonging to the Lord”, while Yosef means “God will add and increase.” We can’t wait to hear more about the Sottos’ adventures as a family of 8!

Enola Mithi Aquino

Carlo Aquino with his daughter, Enola Mithi

Look at the cuteness that is Enola Mithi “Mithi” Aquino, Carlo Aquino and Trina Candaza‘s little baby girl. Born on September 13 (date still to be confirmed), Mithi has been busy keeping her parents up at night, drinking ALL the milk and pooping. We’re in love already!

Moses Marc Quigaman Alcarez

Precious Lara Quigiman with Moses

Lara Quigaman Alcarez is a mom of three! On September 17, out popped Moses “Momo” Marc Quigaman Alcarez, another baby boy and addition to #TeamAlcarez! This cutie is the currently the center of his kuyas’ attention and looks like he’s loving every minute of it!

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