5 Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrity Girl Dads

Wholesome and heartwarming, these celebrity girl dads have a lot of lessons we can take when it comes to raising our daughters.

Daughters always had and will always have a special place in our daddies’ hearts. If it were possible and our daughters asked them to, our dads would have brought the moon down for them. But raising daughters in a constantly changing environment is no walk in the park. With a constantly changing world making it hard for us to come up with ways to empower our daughters, these celebrity girl dads share with us some lessons we can learn from.

1. Teamwork makes the dream work

Celebrity girl dad Jake Ejercito makes sure that Ellie experiences Life with both her parents present. During her birthday, he and Andi Eigenmann worked together as co-parents to make sure Ellie could spend time with both sides of the family. For Ellie, we’re sure that she enjoyed her birthday. And for Jake, he shows that things can be worked out as long as there’s communication between both parents even with differing stands and views.

2. Love always finds a way

During Zia’s 6th birthday, celebrity girl dad Dingdong Dantes admitted to feeling a certain “gloominess” of not being there physically. But he still found a way to celebrate her birthday with her by posting a heartwarming video on Instagram of her and him singing Elvis Presley’s song Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. Below, he wrote in his caption that he promised to have more “after-dinner songs with her” when he returned home.

3. Humor in parenting goes a long way

When it comes to being a funny celebrity girl dad, Nico Bolzico takes the cake especially after sending a loving birthday letter to Tili. In the letter, he writes how he will always love her unconditionally, make time for her, and always respect and love her mum. And in true funny dad fashion, he adds as his 12th promise: “I will try not to reject every suitor you bring home.” We all know that when it comes to our girl dads, no man is good enough for their daughter.

4. Balance is key

Celebrity girl dad and world music singer Paolo Valenciano shared with us his story about how screentime changed his daughter, Leia. Because of the lockdown, screentime’s become a necessary evil with parents becoming extra busy to keep the new variant out of the house. It’ll take a lot of effort but making time for the kids is something we have to do. Even though it’s extremely tempting to have the iPad or the screen do the babysitting for us.

5. Our daughters will always be their biggest supporters

Being a dancer may be more his thing but celebrity girl dad McCoy De Leon still made time to play a lovely harana for his daughter, Felize. The two-year-old although may not know what the lyrics mean but we’re sure she was more interested in how her dad was making sounds by strumming the strings. She looked so cute when she was trying to sing with her dad.

We can all relate with these celebrity girl dads!

It’s so heartwarming to see that these celebrity girl dads make the most of their #dadventures whether digital or physical. Although some still dads as the main breadwinner of the family, we know that they still want to spend quality time with their princesses. While some of us may worry that our dads might not know how to raise girls, these celebrity girl dads show that they’ll do just fine.

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