Ellie Eigenmann’s Birthday Shows Jake and Andi are Co-Parenting Goals!

Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito show they’ve achieved co-parenting goals on Ellie Eigenmann’s 10th birthday.

Ellie Eigenmann

Andi recently shared with us her story about being an island mama and how Lilo, Koa, and Ellie have embraced the island life. Yesterday, she celebrated Ellie’s 10th birthday and sweetened it up by celebrating it with her co-parent, Jake. With careful planning from both sides, Jake and Andi did an amazing job of bringing both the Ejercitos and Eigenmanns together to wish their OG princess a happy birthday.

A birthday with both sides of the family

Sometimes, it’s one or the other but for Ellie’s sake, Jake and Andi pooled their efforts. While the pandemic made logistics hard, Jake brought his brother, Jacob and his sister, Jerika and her family over. Andi brought Ellie’s godfather and other family members via Zoom and face-to-face to wish her eldest island daughter a happy birthday.

Ellie’s birthday didn’t just have grown-ups as her attendees. She got to play with her cousins from the Ejercito side of the family and even introduced her siblings, Lilo and Koa, to them. Everyone was included. She made sure both sides would have fun on her island-themed birthday via swimming and eating. It’s clear that Jake and Andi made sure that no matter what happened, Ellie would feel loved.

Co-Parenting isn’t easy but Jake and Andi made it work!

Co-parenting isn’t easy especially when there’s a difference in parenting styles and distance. It takes a lot of patience, negotiation, and willingness to communicate and listen. But one thing’s for sure—it’s obvious that Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann achieved that when co-parenting Ellie. Because of their mutual love for their daughter, both Jake and Andi would do whatever it takes to make her happy. We’re sure Ellie knows that now after her birthday celebration.

Happy 10th Birthday to Modern Parenting’s two-time cover girl, Ellie! May the sun always shine on your side of the beach and the waves take you wherever you want to go.

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