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Andi Eigenmann Dresses Her Kids Gender Neutral And We’re Totally Loving It

Learn how to make your kids look fashionable while defying the gender norms with Andi Eigenmann

When we know we’re having a boy, we immediately pick all the blue clothes. And for girls, we look for all the pink clothes. But Andi Eigenmann’s past that.

When she makes her kids look fabulous, she doesn’t limit herself between shades of blue for Koa or shades of pink for Ellie and Lilo. She takes her time to choose the design, color palette, and pattern to make sure her kids stay fab and gender-neutral.

Choosing Neutral Colors

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

Gender-neutral colors are usually more earthy or nature-based colors. Instead of going for pink for Lilo, Andi uses shades of brown such as amber, beige, and sand brown for her clothes. For her son, Koa, she has him in white with a sky-gray pair of pants. With these colors, Andi also keeps them cool for the scorching hot weather while they live the island life. Because neutral colors absorb less light and heat, her kids can enjoy their day in the sun while staying cool.

Sticking to unisex clothing

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

For Andi, unisex isn’t just about the color. It’s also about the design of the shirt. For most kid’s clothes, we figure out if the clothes are for boys or girls based on the print of the shirt. Boys’ shirts have cars and superheroes while girls have unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies. But Andi makes it easier by just ditching the decals. Check out Lilo, who’s enjoying a cool drink while wearing a plain sky blue shirt. No prints mean it’s easy to customize if Andi and/or Lilo want to. Plus, the shirt works so well with her sunny light yellow shorts.

P as in Patterns and Personality!

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

For prints and patterns, Andi prefers the geometric or abstract kind. For abstract prints, Andi has both girls twinning with their tie-dye printed shirts. If she’s not in the mood for abstract, Andi has Ellie sporting vertical stripes instead. Nothing too curly, nothing too edgy — keeping the prints geometrical or abstract is Andi’s way of telling all gender norms to sit in the back.

Simple + Gender Neutral = Fabulous!

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

As if Ellie, Lilo, and Koa didn’t have us gushing enough, we just love how Andi’s made dressing her kids in a gender-neutral fashion so fabulous! Her style shows that kids don’t need to always look their gender to look their best. And although some of us will take a while adjusting to the new trend, it’s at least a start and a call for us to be more mindful about the clothes and designs that we make our kids wear.

Thanks for the lesson, Andi!

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