Watch: Andi Eigenmann And Fam Are Finally Back In Siargao

And yes, we’re totally obsessed with baby Koa

When Andi Eigenmann became a Siargao stalwart, we all started wishing that someday, we too could run away to an island where we could surf all day. And yes, wear (flattering) bikinis 24/7.

While we all can’t be Andi Eigenmann, we can most certainly live vicariously through her, starting with her family vlog on YouTube, Happy Islanders. The latest episode features the Eigenmann-Alipayo clan heading back to their happy place, Siargao.

Back to Happy Island Life

After living in Manila for the past few (and giving birth to the super cute baby Koa), the family was more than ready to trek back.

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

While their stay in Manila was filled with visits from family and delish food, there’s no doubt that they were looking forward to getting back home.

How long did the family spend in Manila?

According to her Instagram post, Andi and Lilo spent 8 months in Manila while her partner Philmar spent 4 months in the city. Lucky girl Ellie Eigenmann Ejercito got to spend lots of QT with her dad, Jake Ejercito for the past year.

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

The happy island fam have actually been on the island for awhile now but were MIA on social media for some time. Andi shared that the family was just busy settling into their new home and life back in Siargao.

But first things first

Photography: @andieigengirl via Instagram

The first order of business for the family? Heading to the beach of course! The water babies wasted no time getting their swim on. Big sister Ellie and Lilo had fun splashing around while Koa waited in the shade with his fave titas and ates.

If you’re a big fan of Andi and her uber chill island life, follow the fam and their adventures on their YouTube channel, Happy Islanders. Check the other videos here!

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