5 MOMents in WandaVision We Can All Relate To

Wanda may be the most powerful witch and character in the Marvel universe but she’s got mom moments that we can all relate to.

While the Marvel characters saw Wanda Maximoff as a little girl doing pretend play, we saw in the WandaVision series that there are just so many mom moments to relate to. Even though she created that world in hopes to cope with her loss, Wanda lived what she saw as a normal life. She lived her life as a wife to the android Vision and mom to twins Billy and Tommy who became superheroes too. Here are some moments that just hit too close to home for us.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead. Turn away now if you wish to watch without knowing what happens!

1. The Struggle of Getting Tommy and Billy to sleep

We all struggled with this, especially with newborn babies. Sometimes, our babies only fall asleep after 6 hours and only sleep after 30 minutes. Wanda, despite being the powerful Scarlet Witch, couldn’t just weave a sleeping spell. She and Vision actually struggled to put the two to sleep. It even took a little help from their friendly neighbor, Agnes. As moms, we’re pretty sure we can all relate to the struggle. Managing the kids doesn’t get easier especially when they have the ability to age themselves.

2. Negotiating with Tommy and Billy about their dog, Sparky

Our response to rejecting our kids’ requests especially about pets is that they’re not old enough. Of course, our kids will throw a bit of a tantrum. Unfortunately, Wanda’s kids can cheat that. They actually aged themselves from 5 to 10 years old, therefore defeating the said argument. Although she’s an Avenger and capable of defeating supervillains, WandaVision shows that none of those experiences trained her how to negotiate with kids. Just how our business degrees or law degrees never trained us how to negotiate with our own kids.

3. Wanda expanding the Barrier

Despite the fight Wanda and Vision had prior regarding the state of Westview, she wasted no time in expanding the barrier to spare him from the pain and to prevent him from disappearing. Just like how we moms can get into fights with our spouses, it doesn’t change that we love them and are willing to do anything for them. While we don’t have superpowers to alter reality, we will try our best to change reality to best suit our partner’s needs.

4. Wanda burns out from keeping everything together

As she expands the barrier to save Vision, she caused everything around them to be unstable. Objects from different time periods start falling out of the sky and she ends up exiling characters out of the world. She finds herself confused and alone, even sending her kids to Agnes for a while to have some time for herself. We’ve all been in that moment in time because as moms, we’ve taken it upon our shoulders to make sure we hold everything — the family, the world they live in — together.

5. Wanda saying thank you to her family

Although created from her mind, Wanda’s feelings for her family were real. She loved them and even stopped the liberation of Westview for a moment when her boys and Vision started to vanish. She even mentions how a family is “forever” and that they can never truly leave each other. Wanda even shares a heartwarming moment in the last episode of WandaVision, before tucking both her boys to bed, saying, “Thank you for choosing me to be your mom.” That’s a feeling we’ve always had with our kids, something that nothing in the world will change.

WandaVision: More Than Just A Sitcom

Although the premise is Wanda’s coping with loss, we see other themes appear. She may have patterned her idyllic suburban life after her favorite TV show but, there were moments beyond that. Even with her superpowers, there were just some things Wanda couldn’t use her powers on as a mom. But towards the end, she felt the same thing we all did for our family and kids: that we love them so much that we’re willing to do anything for them.

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