Is Your Kid Asking For A Pet? These Are The Best Pets To Start With

A list of low maintenance, kid-friendly pets

Did your kids just watch Finding Nemo or Snow Dogs? If they did, that’s probably why they’re asking for a pet. But we know that having a pet is a lifelong commitment. They’ll need a vet, food, need to be cleaned up after, etc. — all the things that your kids won’t be doing unless they’re a little older. But getting them a pet is a good thing too. You now have the chance to teach them about being responsible for something or someone else.

Choosing a pet for your toddler is a lifelong commitment.

When a kid and pet bond, it’s a friendship that lasts a lifetime. They teach kids that there is a form of unconditional love wherein they are their pet’s entire world! But we can’t just get any random pet! Some animals might feel threatened if your kid’s a little rough which is why we came up with a list of pets that can understand that their being rough isn’t anything malicious but just them being kids.

1. Goldfish

Your kids will definitely love having colorful fish swimming around in a tank. Especially if they’ve just finished watching Finding Nemo or Finding Dory, they’ll definitely want a Nemo or Dory of their own. But since clownfish are an endangered species, you can buy them a Goldfish instead. There’s usually a lot of them in Cartimar in the Taft Area where they also sell all sorts of accessories to get you started in helping your kid care for their pet fish!

2. Turtles

These hardy and slow pets are perfect to help your kid calm down. Turtles don’t need an enormous aquarium to live in. Some turtle owners see their turtles are just happy sitting in a plastic box with some rocks to crawl on and plants to nibble on. While there are some turtle species that bite, make sure that you ask your local pet store what turtle species don’t bite children. Having a turtle also helps you teach your kids about being gentle and slow with certain animals instead of manhandling them.

3. Rabbits

Cute, cuddly, and quiet rabbits are the perfect pet if you live in an apartment or small house. These little furry creatures rarely bite children and are a delight for your kids to watch as they nibble the carrot they’re holding. Rabbits also love to hop around but don’t really need a big space to move around. As small furry creatures, rabbits need to be handled gently so it’s also a good way to teach your kids how to not be so rough. Many pet stores sell them in pairs but buying them one by one’s good also so your house isn’t suddenly filled with a lot of rabbits!

4. Dogs

While some people would recommend smaller dogs, we recommend the bigger dogs because small dogs are a little more territorial than their big counterparts. A big Labrador could be the perfect playmate for your energetic kids, especially if they like running. Dogs are quick to bond with their playmates and owners, being increasingly protective of your kids in case something happens and you’re not nearby.

5. Cats

Ragdoll Royalties Wagyu
Photography: Cecile Poblete-Gohu

Remember that video of a cat fighting off a dog that dragged a boy off his bike? It’s because cats have a very strong protective instinct. They will “claim” their owners especially if they’re adoptees. We’ve also seen cats lie with kids, rub themselves against children, and even let toddlers play with their tails while it’s swishing. So, we’re sure that cats can be patient and empathic creatures, especially with younger kids.

A friendship that will last your kids are lifetime

Getting pets for your kids isn’t just about the novelty of having a pet. It’s also teaching them how to be sensitive to other people and things while teaching them some life skills. You can also take this opportunity to teach your kids about chores on how they can help care for the pet like feeding them and the sort. Because the more involved they are with their pets, the more they learn how to empathize and understand people and things beyond them.

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