These Celebrities’ Furry Friends are Making Us Say, “Awww”

Take a Look at These Cuddly Celebrity Pets

These animal cuties are more than just these celebs’ BFFs —they’re practically fam! While this roundup has quite the number of dogs and cats, we’re also paying homage to our feathery friends, tortoises and more. Get to know these celebrity pets and their pet-ventures!

10 Celebrity Fur-milies that’ll Brighten Up Your Day

1. Solenn Heussaff

lady celebrity and her pet dog

The Bolzico household has a lot of pets: a dog, Pochola; a cat, Negroni (aka El Gato); and two tortoises, Patato and Pechuga. In her blog, Solenn gives pointers of caring for one’s animal friends such as—taking them to the veterinarian and being mindful of their food. Meet the Bolzico Fur-mily here!

2. Liza Soberano

Girl in pink in swimming pool with her dog

Liza is allergic to dogs, but that doesn’t stop her from being a dog mama! One of her pets, a Shih Tzu named Mikey, was actually a Valentine’s Day gift from beau, Enrique Gil! Her other dogs include Cassidy and Tootsie.

3. Yassi Pressman

female celebrity walking her pet dog

Yassi co-owns Presidential Paws, a dog accessories business with her sister Issa. The sisters created the business in memory of their father and also named their dog Rolee after him. Here are Issa’s other dogs, Riri and Raven.

4. Anne Curtis

Girl in pink with her dog.

Anne is also a mama to her mini-menagerie. She takes care of an eclectic mix including: Mogwai the Cat, Princess the Yorkshire Terrier, Birdy the Bird, etc. “You just feel the love in their eyes. You see in their eyes” she shares in her vlog. A bit of trivia, Princess is actually around 18 years old! It took Anne one year to find Mogwai—a lookalike of a cat she loves on Instagram. Find out more about her pets here.

5. Heart Evangelista

celebrity relaxing with pet

In 2019, Heart launched her own animal welfare facility in Sorsogon, which is no surprise since she is famous for being an animal lover. She is also an ambassador of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). In 2020, she made the news when she ran after her dog, Che Che, on a busy street. Another one of her pets is Panda, part of her adopted Aspin family.

6. Coleen Garcia

Celebrity couple and their pet dog

Coleen owns unique-looking Sphynx cats—Anya and Mimi. These are hairless cats, since Billy is allergic to fur. She also owns dogs: Buddy, a Keeshond; Bruno, a Belgian Malinois; and Tamomo, a Summer Chihuahua. Coleen shared in an interview that she has loved animals ever since she was a child. Meet the rest of her cute animal friends here.

7. Jodi Sta. Maria

female celebrity smiling with he pet cat

Another one with an eclectic mix at home is Jodie Sta. Maria. She owns dogs, cats, and recently, birds. Her pet cat, Courage, is the cutest! Jodie has rescued several stay cats, including Miracle and Destiny, which she found while shooting for the television series, Pangako Sa ‘Yo.

8. Alden Richards

mail celebrity in black and his dog

Alden is the father of furballs, Pachuchi, a mixed breed; and Globie; a Siberian Husky. While he doesn’t document his pet-ventures as much as the other celebrities, we did find this charming picture with his dogs. Last 2018, Alden threw Globie a birthday party and the video documenting it is just adorable!

9. Janella Salvador

Female celebrity and her pet dog

Janella is known for being an animal lover. She actually rescued someone’s dog from the rain, even though she was all fixed up for an event. Meet Maximus, Janella’s Alaskan Malamute. Her other pets include a Husky, Holly and a cat, Hermes.

10. Richard Gutierrez

Male celebrity in black and his pet dog

Sarah and Richard Gutierrez are parents to Zion and Kai, but they’re also paw-rento Emma and Atlas. Emma is actually quite a celebrity, she even has her own Instagram account. In a blog entry, Sarah shares, “Dada and Zion like to take the dogs out for some long walks and playtime at the park.”

These celebrities’ pets are certainly the cutest! We hope our feline, furry friends, and other animal comrades, brightened up your day. It’s certainly heartwarming and inspiring to see these celebrities care for their pets.

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