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10 Celebrities Who had Babies Later in Life

Get to Know These Proud Parents!

Thinking of having children later in life? Being a parent is a gift. Though there is the pressure to have babies at a certain age, sometimes the universe has a different timeline for you. We say: don’t give in to the prodding of the people around you and embrace your own journey.

Here are some of celebrities who had children later in life and are having the time of their life being parents!

Local and Foreign Celebs who had Children later in life

1. Alice Dixson

A couple of days ago, Alice gave birth to her first child at age 51. Though she has not revealed the child’s name, she has referred to him as “little miracle” and “GS” On Instagram, she shares that prayed for this for 10 years. The proud mom has yet to share more details about her baby and parenthood journey.

2. Phoemela Barranda

Parent who had had babies 40s and after

Phoemela had her first child, Kim, when she was 19. In an interview with with Modern Parenting, she describes herself as being more mentally prepared this time around. Phoemela had Baby Illya recently at age 40, and she looks as radiant as ever. Read her touching message to her partner, Jason.

3. Vic Sotto

Last November 2020, Vic and Pauleen Sotto’s daughter, Tali, tuned 3. This makes the actor, Vic, a 60-plus father of 3. While some might worry that this is too old or too late, we admire their decision to start a family. And yes, they look so happy! Check Pauleen Sotto’s Instagram to see how much they love their bub.

4. Miriam Quiambao

Miriam first showed her determination and strength when she competed in Miss Universe 1999. She tripped on-stage but gracefully got up and impressed a global audience. Her strength was apparent once again when she and her husband tried to start a family. At age 43, she gave birth to her first born (Joshua) and her second child (Elija) at age 45. She calls both her children “miracles”. Joshua was a premature baby, while she the chances of getting pregnant again for Elija were slim.

5. Dr.Vicki Belo

baby posing with parents

Scarlet Snow is such a darling! Her charm and intelligence have earned a fan base that simply adores her. She currently has 4.8 million followers on Instagram! Dr. Belo confirmed that Scarlet is her biological daughter with Hayden Kho. They also admit going through a surrogate pregnancy.

6 &7. Korina and Mar Roxas

parents who had babies in their 40s and after

At 54 years old, Korina and Mar became parents to fraternal twins, Pepe (boy) and Pilar (girl). Prior to this, she built a career in the news and happily married former senator, Mar Roxas.

“I’ve always, always wanted to be a mom,” Korina told The Philippine Star in an exclusive e-mail interview. “Everyone who knows me well knows that I love children. But for the longest time, because my career in news took charge, I thought it would never happen.” she shares.

8. Brooke Shields

Mom who had had babies 40s and after

Brooke Shields has been open about her trials in getting pregnant and is the spokesperson of Fertility Lifelines, a resource for women who are struggling with infertility. In interviews, she has shared about her multiple invitro attempts, the last one being the window that welcomed their (husband, Chris Henchy) second born (Grier). Their oldest daughter, Rowan, was born 3 years before.

9. Madonna

Madonna posing with children

Madonna is truly an trendsetter. Back in 2000, she made the news when she gave birth to Rocco at 42. She also made a statement by showing off her baby bump in crop tops and such, which wasn’t done so much before. Madonna has adopted four children including David (adopted 2006), Mercy (2009), Stella (2017), and Esther (2017).

10. Bruce Willis

Father poses with family

He saved the world multiple time times in his famed movie series, Die Hard. To his children though, Bruce Willis is dad. The actor star proved that age is just a number when he had his daughters with his second wife, Emma Willis, later in life. Mabel was born in 2012, followed by Evelyn in 2014. This made him around 57 when Mabel was born.

What do you think of having babies in your 40s or after?

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