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All You Need To Know About Grooming And Feeding Your Dog

Luxuripets’ dog expert Manny Alarilla shares top tips on grooming and feeding your precious fur babies

So you’ve adopted yourself a new dog and you’ve probably got lots of questions, especially when it comes to feeding and grooming. Doing the right thing can be tricky when it comes to our fur babies, which is why it’s important to get the 411 from someone who knows them best. And who knows dogs better than Luxuripets‘ dog expert Manny Alarilla? Here, he answers the all-important questions on dog feeding and grooming:

The lowdown on dog food, table food and nutrition 

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Dogs can’t eat table food

Never feed dogs table food, period. Aside from having high fat content, table food contains ingredients and seasoning not suitable for dogs. Proteins like lean chicken, lean beef, salmon are okay to give to your dogs, but they have to be mixed with dry dog food, and can’t be prepared like table or human food.

Know what your dogs are allergic to

It’s a good idea to know what your dogs are allergic to. Allergies are sometimes discovered through trial and error, and sometimes via tests at the vet. Usual allergens include grains, seasoning, grapes, chocolate, etc.

Upset stomachs happen. Sometimes our dogs will end up eating things they’re not supposed to, so they could vomit or have diarrhea. Call your vet when the dog appears lethargic and/or if they throw up or have loose stools multiple times within a 24-hour period. And yes, wet dog food is good to give for hydration because some dogs don’t like drinking water.

Portion control

Find out the how much your dog should be eating at certain stages. Take that amount and portion it accordingly throughout the day. For example, when they are puppies, smaller, but more frequent meals are better. When they are older, they can eat three larger servings a day — but still within the daily recommended quantity for their age and size.

Be consistent

Some pets will trick you and act like they don’t like what you are serving. But you are the boss, not them. Be strict and consistent. They could be looking for table food, so if that’s the case, train them to eat dog food again. If they don’t eat during their meal time, you have to put the food away. Do not leave it out so they can keep going back to it. They have to know that if they don’t eat on time, that’s it. There’s no going back. Eventually, they will get hungry and eat their dog food during their next meal. Remember: Don’t give in to their cuteness. It’s a trap!


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Vitamins are a must. There are trace minerals found in vitamins that are good for dogs. Ask your vet for the best vitamin supplements for your dog. Don’t be scared of over supplementing — there’s no such thing as overdosing.

Variety is important

Food variety is important so dogs don’t get bored with their food. But be careful with introducing new food. Also, make sure that you check the label for ingredients and know that the food is coming from reputable source. You can go to: www.dogfoodadvisor.com to get an idea about different dog food brands. It is also best to check with the vet if in doubt.

Keeping your dog clean is serious business

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Remember that dogs are like kids — they have to be kept clean at all times. Good dog hygiene is necessary for their health and ours, the hoomans.

Bathe dogs at least once a week

In our humid climate, dogs should be bathed at least once a week. Dogs with more fur can bathe twice a week. Make sure they are dried very well after after a bath because bacteria breeds if they are left wet or damp.

They have daily routines

Brushing their fur should be part of the daily routine because not only does it remove dander and make their coat tangle free, it also stimulates bonding between you and your pet. Remember that a pet with dander and tangles is an unhappy pet.

Their ears must also be cleaned everyday. Just put a drop of ear cleanser in each ear and massage gently. If there are any concerns, call your vet so they can prescribe something.

Sponge bathing or dry shampooing should be part of your dog’s daily grooming and hygiene maintenance. Make sure you wipe their faces after every meal with a clean cloth or pet wipes.

Invest in professional grooming and grooming products

Grooming by a professional is important because this is how dogs are thoroughly cleaned and their fur properly managed. Professional groomers know how to spot things that could be wrong with your pet — lumps, ticks, ear issues, any skin disorders and many more.

As far as grooming products, you must have the following on-hand at all times: pin brush for longer hair breeds, a comb, grooming powder, ear cleanser, shampoo and conditioner. These items are available in most pet stores.

Teeth brushing

Brushing your dog’s teeth is not necessary if you give dental treats. Chewing dental treats avoid and reduce tartar and plaque. Chew toys are also great for oral care. If you opt to brush their teeth, you have to use a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically made for dogs.

Nail clipping

If you will clip your dog’s nails, make sure you have Quick Stop (or a similar product that makes bleeding stop) on-hand in case you accidentally nick your dog’s quick or vascularised nail bed. Nail filing is also an option, at least until your dog’s next grooming appointment.

Anal sac draining

If you notice your dogs dragging their behinds while walking, it means their anal sacs have to be cleaned. Make sure your that your dog groomers know how to assess cleaning of anal sacs. They normally emit a foul odor if they need to be cleaned, and this is normal for dogs and cats. Deworming is also very important because our dogs are always on the ground. Ingesting things can easily happen. 

Wipe ’em down

For dogs who like playing outside and for those who take walks to go potty, make sure you wipe their paws, genital and anal areas to remove any residue. Outdoor play involving mud and sand will require bathing afterwards.

Remember: a clean and healthy pet is a happy pet.

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For inquiries and appointments, visit @luxuripets on IG or call (0995) 022-0609. To follow the adventures of the giant poodles, visit @zgiantpoodles on IG.

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