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5 Old Devices Our Kids Struggle How To Use

Watching our kids try to figure out these old devices is just so hilarious!

Due to the advances made in technology, there are so many old devices that our kids won’t know. Even our older kids and some millennials might be scratching their heads how to use it. It’s definitely hilarious to watch them fiddle and get confused with devices of our age but it’s also good to have them exposed to what it was like in the past. Here are some old devices that give one amazing blast to the past and hilarious moments with our kids.

1. A Rotary Dial Phone

Buttons and touch screens are the new trends. But have they ever head of the rotary dial? The rotary dial phone is the old version of the cordless phone wherein we use ballpens to sometimes turn the dial. If we do end up bringing out one, ask your kids to call. You’ll probably get a kick at your kid as they stare at the phone for a good 15 minutes, wondering how they’re going to dial up for pizza delivery.

2. Casette Players

Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube may answer all our kids’ musical needs. But nothing beats the suspense of wondering why the cassette isn’t playing or using a pencil to rewind it. Normally, this old device is stuck in a radio and some even have a rewind function. However, there’s also the horror when we find out the said device eats the cassette tape and we’re all freaking out and trying to wrench it from the radio’s nasty jaws. Our kids will probably be staring at this old device for a moment before looking in disgust and saying, “How in the world did you listen to music with this!?”

We’ll probably have the same response. “I don’t know. We just did.”

3. VHS

Bluray and files on a hard drive are the way to go in the 21st century. But back then, we had rewinders and VHS. The quality wasn’t even great either! Nowadays, movies are so clear that every skin pore can be seen. Unfortunately, some movies have been lost because it was hard to transfer some of them. Although, it’s still a cute old device to have and can even serve as a Halloween prop if The Ring is part of your kids’ party theme.

4. Turntables

Grammaphones are a collector’s piece but Turntables are an old device probably what we’re more familiar with. Way back when CDs were still vinyl records, we used Turntables to enjoy some sweet show tunes. Some of them are even collector’s pieces and can be sold for a lot if maintained well. Our kids will probably be so confused and wonder how we managed to bring that thing around. But music was often left at home. No such thing as walkmans and MP3 way back when.

5. One of the first ever cellphones – the Motorola Cellphone

Our kids would be gawking at the size of the Motorola Cellphone. That thing was as big as an ice shaver whereas nowadays, phones are as small as notepads. Our kids will refuse to be caught dead with that old device. As is, they already think that the Nokia 3210’s the oldest phone. Nope, the original cellphone was that giant Motorola cellphone that many would have mistaken for a kitchen tool.

These old devices might give us and our kids a blast from the past!

We’re so used to the new devices that if we’re presented with the old ones, we’d all be confused. Our kids will be scratching their heads how we were able to make do with such devices. But it’s because of these old devices that they get to experience top-of-the-line smartphones, gadgets, and other equipment. Besides, we’ll never know. Maybe one day they’ll want to watch some old movies which are accessible only through those devices.

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