5 Cute PH Celebrity Mom Vlogger Moments with Kids

Celebrity mom vloggers just have really cute moments especially when their kids join in the fun.

Being a vlogger doesn’t mean our job as a mom’s put on hold. Just ask these celebrity moms! While some of the kids are a little camera shy, others aren’t and are quick to steal the show from their celebrity mom vloggers. The cute part is that they don’t really have a script and it’s as authentic as it gets. Whether it’s them having difficulty sitting up or just staring at the camera, these kids really melt our hearts with their celebrity mom vloggers.

1. Pancho and Vito with their mom, Saab Magalona-Bacarro (@saabmagalona)

In this 17-short second video, celebrity mom vlogger Saab Magalona-Bacarro shares how her kids get involved with her stream, SaabTV. Much to the mom vlogger’s surprise, 1-year-old Vito Tomas pressed the recording button. While holding onto 4-year-old Pancho, she asks the little brother to say “hi” which he does, melting everyone’s hearts. Unfortunately, the video was cut short when Vito lost his balance but still, that “hi” was too cute to ignore.

2. Dahlia Amelie (@dahliaamelieee) and Thylane with dad Erwan (@erwan)

While the celebrity mom herself may not be in the vlog for this video, we’re assuming Anne’s the one recording Dahlia touching every little button on the laptop. Tagged as #Parentingin2022, we can’t help but relate with Erwan as he has mixed but amused feelings about the two kids playing with the laptop. We can only hope there are no important files in there that they might press “delete” on.

3. Thylane and Solenn (@solenn) screaming their feelings out

At the top of the hill, we can see multi-hyphenate celebrity mom vlogger Solenn and Thylane (affectionately known as Tili) screaming their feelings into the wind. It’s a cute sight as the little Tili mimics her mom in all sorts of ways. It’s also how kids learn from their parents especially when they identify with them.

4. Primo with Iya Villania as they drop the news (@iyavillania)

Before Iya dropped the news on Drew about their fourth child, celebrity mom Iya Villania made a vlog with her beaming son, Primo, and a reluctant Duday. When asked if he told anyone, he gave a clear, resounding, and proud “no” which would make any mom gush with pride. He continues to indulge us, moms, with his cute smile and how comfortable he is in front of the camera.

5. Amari Crawford (@amaricrawford.only) enjoying bubbles with Coleen (@coleen)

In a post to let Maureen and Rafael Garcia know that Amari appreciates the gifts they gave, celebrity mom vlogger Coleen makes a vlog and video of Amari running around in his tiny little slippers while catching the bubbles. In an effort to say the word “bubbles”, he makes a heart-melting “bahbah bah bah baaahhh” sound after he boops the snout of the crocodile toy.

A celebrity vlogger and a mom

While content is king in making it as a vlogger, these moms know that sometimes it’s just about enjoying the little things in life. Whether it’s their kids trying to talk or running around, some of those vlogs may not always be on their brand but it’s still too cute to not post. Besides as moms, we’re sure they’d want to record every little moment with their kids. It’s a little keepsake; so there’s something to look back to when their kids grow up.

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