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Iya Villania Tells Parents to ‘Prepare for Battle’ Following Her Sons Testing Positive for COVID-19

The TV host and actress shares some tips for parents as she and her sons Primo and Leon isolate from the family .

TV host Iya Villania has been sharing updates since she tested positive for COVID-19. On Thursday, January 13, she shared that aside from her second son Leon, her firstborn Primo is now with her after testing positive.

“And the kuya’s day 1 has officially started,” she captioned the photo.

The Chika Minute host, who is pregnant with baby number 4, said that her son was happy to be with her but she wasn’t happy it was under these circumstances.

Iya Villania: “Prepare for Battle”

“Oh to be a mother. I’m glad I’ve pretty much recovered to be able to care for these monkeys,” she said. “Mamas! Papas! Make sure you have everything ready for the night. Meds, medicine cups or syringes, extra clothes (in case of vomit), nebulizer, necessary nebules, wet/cold towel, thermometer, oximeter, water, and a lamp! You might not need it but you’re better to be prepared than trying to find all of that in the middle of the night. Especially if you’re isolated and have limited access to things around the house. Get ready for battle.”

In a previous post, Iya shared her frustration after Leon tested positive, saying the virus was “very tricky.” Despite getting the virus, Iya said she’s grateful that while vaccines have yet to be given to children, they are developing antibodies to fight the virus.

Iya’s not alone in the battle…

Like Iya Villania and other celebrity parents, moms and dads are frantic with their kids testing positive for COVID-19. But the recent news that kids will be getting vaccines in the Philippines soon is promising. While everyone waits for the start of the vaccination, remember to practice the protocols, strengthen the immune system, and get some exercise to move the body.

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