3 Things Before Buying COVID-19 Testing Kits

Before buying your COVID-19 testing kits, make sure you check if they have these details.

Some of us moms have an event coming up but we don’t want to encourage the spread of COVID-19. Especially with Omicron being more infectious, we’re all scrambling for a bunch of things from Paracetamol to Alcohol to COVID-19 testing kits. But because of the increased demand, we’re pretty sure that some scalpers will be around to make a quick buck. So, how do we know that we’re not getting scammed and we’re buying the legit thing? Here are 3 things to check before buying COVID-19 testing kits.

1. They shouldn’t cost above PHP 9000

COVID-19 testing kits, whether it’s Abbott or SD Biosensor, usually cost approximately PHP9000 for 25 pieces. Because of the widespread panic of Omicron, there’s more people looking for the kits which is what some take advantage of. To make a quick buck, some buy it at the retail prices before topping it off. It’s always better if you can buy directly from the manufacturer that way you know it’s legitimate.

2. Make sure the COVID-19 testing kits have been approved

Not all the tests available are approved. If the COVID-19 testing kits’ brand doesn’t show up on the DOH or the FDA then, there’s a big chance it isn’t going to work. However, there are some sources that certain brands don’t work in certain countries since they failed the validation test. However, that doesn’t mean they still can’t be used for emergencies. But still, brands for these kits do matter especially if you’re trying to contact trace.

The Food Drug & Administration (FDA) recently released a list of approved COVID-19 testing kits.

3. Check what majority of the frontliners are using

The frontliners would know best on what COVID-19 testing kits to use. Some of them use SD Biosensor, others use Abbott. But it also depends how easy the test is to administer. Some of the tests have subtle differences such as the nasopharyngeal test having a different swab shape. Some even say that the nasal test may not get enough of a swab sample. Best to ask your doctors what they’re using so you’ll know that it works.

Some COVID-19 testing kits can be self-administered

A lot of us are currently afraid of the speed of Omicron’s spread. It’s triggered panic buying and hoarding important supplies but that’s why it’s good to have access to these tests. These tests will also make sure we won’t infect our kids if we’re constantly going out because of the nature of our work, or for essentials. Plus, it’ll tell us if we really have COVID-19 or not, making it easier for our frontliners to do their job. And if one of our family members show symptoms, we can easily test them if we have the testing kits at home.

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