Will the Omicron Variant affect our kids? Here’s what we know

With the Omicron variant entering the PH, will our being vaccinated survive the new variant? Here’s what we know.

Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta — we’re running out of Greek letters and now COVID-19 has the Omicron variant. The said variant entered the Philippines on December 1, 2021, allegedly from someone returning from Japan. As of December 15, 2021, there are 2 cases of Omicron now. The second case was from someone who flew in from Nigeria and arrived on November 30, 2021. Is this a sign that our kids need to be confined to the four walls of our houses again?

What do we know about the Omicron Variant?

Just like its sibling, the Delta Variant, the Omicron Variant is possibly more contagious. But just like the Delta Variant, it may cause a breakthrough infection even for those who are fully vaccinated. So even if our kids are fully vaccinated, they might get hit. But that doesn’t mean they’ll suffer the full blow. The different vaccines available are designed to lessen the severe effects of COVID-19. Hopefully, the vaccines will be strong enough to keep people out of the hospitals to give our front liners a chance for a well-deserved holiday break.

The good news so far is that 7 of the close contacts of the one who flew in from Nigeria were negative for COVID-19.

Does this mean our kids will have to go back to staying confined?

Omicron Variant might keep our kids inside again

Although we’ll be Lockdown Level 2 until the end of the year, we’re hoping it doesn’t get worse. With the numbers dropping and the Omicron variant currently staying on 2 cases, there’s still a bit of hope we’ve achieved herd immunity. But this doesn’t mean we can go partying again though. We still have to remain vigilant with our surroundings. Continue practicing minimum health and safety protocols. Whether it’s twisting the handles of both of our face masks, sanitizing our hands, or relying on online services to avoid the holiday rush, it’ll be for the best. Safety first.

We’re sick and tired of it, just like you!

We’re sick and tired of COVID-19 like everyone else. The days when we used to go on staycations or hang out with family friends seem to be more than a distant memory. But there’s still hope considering Paxlovid and Molnupiravir are currently seen as options to cure COVID-19. We’re pretty sure that everyone’s Christmas wish at the moment is for this pandemic to be over.

Don’t worry! We’ll also be following the WHO for updates on the Omicron variant!

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