COVID-19 Vaccination for Kids: Here’s How to Register

Kids aged 12-17 can now undergo COVID-19 vaccination in Metro Manila hospitals.

In case you missed the news, kids between 12 to 17 years old have been given the go signal to get the COVID-19 vaccination. This is after the government announced the pilot rollout early this month. On October 15, the first phase of the vaccination started in selected hospitals in Metro Manila.

On October 22, the second stage of the vaccination started and more hospitals were added for the COVID-19 vaccination. This is good news for parents who can now breathe a sigh of relief that their children can avail of the vaccine in the next few months.

But before even heading to the nearest hospital, what is the process? What are the requirements for kids? Here are some tips before even thinking of the injection for them.

1. Consult with your physician

It’s very important to discuss with your doctor or your child’s pediatric doctor whether he or she is qualified for the vaccine. The ones given top priority for the vaccine are kids with underlying conditions.

These include medical complexities, genetic conditions, neurological conditions, metabolic conditions, and cardiovascular diseases.

Other conditions include obesity, HIV infection, tuberculosis, chronic respiratory diseases, renal disorders, hepatobiliary diseases, and immunocompromised due to disease or treatment.

2. Check with your local government unit

Several local government units have launched pre-registration links for the vaccination. Check out for announcements and updates on their various social media accounts to make sure if your children fall under the categories for priority vaccination.

3. Register at your nearest hospital

Once you discussed with your child’s pediatric doctor if he or she is qualified for the vaccine, you may also get in touch with the nearest hospital to pre-register your child.

The process is different for hospitals so make sure to answer the questions on the registration form. Some hospitals may require you to send them a  private message for the link for registration.

Also, ask if it’s for free or you need to pay just in case.

4. Prepare the requirements

After registering your child for the vaccine, make sure to prepare the requirements needed. The following documents are accepted:

  • Medical certificate from the attending physician or pediatric doctor
  • Birth certificate authenticated by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  • Parent/guardian’s ID
  • Child’s ID

Secondary documents may be accepted in case none of the two documents are available. You may refer to the other documents on DOH’s website.

5. Go to the COVID-19 vaccination site on time

Once your child is registered and given the appointed time for vaccination, make sure to arrive with them at the site at least an hour before. With the protocols in place, there will be instances you might be in the area for around two hours.

While waiting, you and your kid can bring something to keep you entertained—like a book—while waiting for your turn. All you need is some patience and after that, the process is done.

As kids take their turn with the vaccine, let us not forget to do our part in checking upon them. It’s not just the physical health we must look out for but also their mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

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