4 Mega Vaccination Sites To Go To in NCR+

Need to get vaccinated ASAP? We found the best places to get vaxxed.

New lockdown rules mean time to scramble for a COVID jab because being vaccinated against COVID grants additional perks and freedom to move around. While we’re anxious for everyone to get their jab, we get that some the vaccination sites can be difficult to get to. Whether it’s because parking’s bad, traffic’s awful, or it has the potential to become a mass gathering, we get discouraged from trying. So, we’ve made a list of the best Mega Vaccination Sites to go to in NCR+ so that we’re all one step closer to ending the pandemic.

Take note though, that these vaccination sites only become walk-in when there’s an oversupply due to no-shows. These places were considered the best due to the speed, efficiency, and comfort they offer to those getting vaccinated.

1. Nayong Pilipino (Parañaque area)

The tourist spot suffered some controversies and raised a few eyebrows at first as a walk-in vaccination site but it’s been going well with only a 30-minute process from start to finish. They also have a drive-in to make things easier so that there’s less exposure. At least if you’re in the car, you can sit in the comfort of your aircon while waiting. Just fill-up the gas tank before heading out. Cars chew up 18% more gas when idling which is what it’ll be doing most of the time while there.

2. SM North Skydome

Originally meant for concerts and events, the SM North Skydome can hold around 200 or more people. But what makes the place good is that it’s easily accessible by bus, jeep, or FX if you’re not in the mood to pay 50 pesos for parking. Plus, there are some restaurants outside the area for Alfresco and you can get your Iced Coffee from Starbucks while waiting.

3. SM Fairview

QC’s a pretty big place and a lot of us should consider taking a trip to “Farview” if it means getting vaccinated. As an SM mall and a certified mega-vaccination site, SM Fairview worked with the QC government to create a drive-thru system for those who aren’t comfortable with going down from their car. While waiting, you can check out the restaurants in the mall to bring home some lunch or take-out for the kids.

4. Smart Araneta Colisseum

Whether it’s a concert or us supporting our Alma Matter during the UAAP games, Smart Araneta Coliseum became a Mega-Vaccination site because of how many people it can hold. As for the walk-in process, it’ll highly depend on the schedule but because of the multiple gates, the funneling should be a lot faster. Since Cubao’s the center of everything, it’s pretty accessible through bus, jeep, MRT, UV, or FX.

More mega vaccination sites to add soon!

The Delta and Lamba Variant are not going to let up which means, so should we! Since COVID’s gotten more infectious, we need to get vaccinated ASAP to get our lives back. Right now, there aren’t many mentioned mega vaccination sites but cities are slowly identifying places that can serve as spots to speed things up. While the local government units (LGU) are encouraging you to pre-book, some may do walk-ins but make sure you follow their LGU page on FB and follow safety protocols before you go.

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