COVID Lockdown Alert Levels Guide For Kids

We know that the kids have been itching to go out but COVID quarantines and lockdown alert levels still have their rules which they need to follow.

It’s been one and a half-year of being in COVID quarantine and lockdown for kids and now, there’s a new strategy: granular lockdowns. Instead of one big lockdown by region, they’re doing it in little pockets to find where the most cases are. So while some areas will be off-limits to kids, they’re at least not completely cooped up in the house. They’ll just need the usual safety, health precautions when they go out — mask and all.

Explaining the COVID Lockdown Alert Levels to Kids

Younger kids might understand the COVID lockdown levels like video games. The higher the level, the harder the boss, enemies, but they drop better items and goodies. So right now, until they get themselves equipped with the vaccine which gives them extra protection against COVID, they can’t go out right now. Older kids might appreciate the science but to spare younger kids from the info overload, we’ll have to try more simple and game-like explanations.

Alert Level 1-3: Freedom for the Kids!

Level 1-3 is when kids of all ages can go out. But there are some minor differences.

Alert Level 1 is no holds barred. Kids can go out anywhere, anytime but are still subject to the rules of the LGU. So, you’ll have to follow your city government’s FB page and check in with some friends about it. Always make sure to cross-check because some places — especially privately-owned places — may have their own rules depending on what their main service is.

Level 2 is similar except places like restaurants, gyms, museums, and libraries are only allowed to have 50% of their usual capacity. So, if your kids’ favorite restaurant can hold a maximum of 100 people, then it can only hold 50 if your city is on Alert Level 2 lockdown. But if the place has a safety seal certified by the LGU, that means they can go up to 60%. So, if 100 people are the maximum, places with the safety seal can go for at the max of 60 people.

Level 3 of the COVID lockdown drops the maximum capacity to 30% and some of your kids’ favorite things might be shut. Cinemas, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor theme parks, kiddie rides, and theatres will be closed for the time being. It’s probably at this level where your kids will probably be more bored and would rather stay at home. Or, they can take a trip to the bookstore and bring home some books for them to read.

What level are we now?

For Metro Manila, we’re stuck at COVID Alert Level 2. But that’s because we’ve been working hard and consistently following safety protocols to keep our kids safe. It also helps that vaccination efforts have become a priority especially for our kids. So, get vaccinated ASAP!

Level 5‘s the last place we want to be. It’s ECQ. As in, lockdown. Everyone, stay home and kids will be back to watching the paint peel off the walls in their room.

Take note that our levels will change so stay tuned for more!

Best option during a COVID lockdown for kids: Stay at home!

While scratching our kids’ itch to go out would be so satisfying, the cost and risk are just too high especially if they haven’t been vaccinated yet. Although we’ve heard that some cities have opened up registrations for kids as young as 12 to be vaccinated, it doesn’t mean we can stop fighting the virus. Even if they’re vaccinated, make sure they’re armed to the teeth with alcohol, wet wipes, face masks, and face shields. Ate Rona is one hard-up fighter.

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