Is Gaming Really Bad For Kids? Here’s What Parents Need To Know

Wondering what the deal is with kids and video games? Here’s the lowdown on gaming every parent needs to read

Kids love gaming. But we don’t mean gaming by playing Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. Video games like Mobile Legends, League of Legends, Valorant, and the ever-famous world-building game known as Minecraft are the new “in” games.

But games can sometimes be a problem especially when kids wake up sleepy because they’ve stayed up all night gaming. It’s why some people are quick to say that gamers are addicts. It doesn’t help either that the World Health Organization (WHO) added games to the list of things to be addicted to.

So, we’re left scratching our heads and asking a bunch of questions. Why do kids love playing games so much? Is my kid addicted to video games? How can I get my kid to game less? First, let’s figure out how exactly games work.

What parents need to know about gaming

It makes kids feel good

When you do something good, you get a reward, right? Games do that too except the reward appears instantaneously. In video games especially games that have large worlds and stories, they have some things called Quests.

These quests are somewhat like your household chores except it involves whatever’s happening in the video game. When the player completes it, they get a reward. The reward then can range from anything to money or certain items. Because of the reward system, kids push themselves more to fulfill these quests to get more rewards.

The rewards may not necessarily be items in the game. Sometimes, it’s being told, “You win!”, being named as MVP (Most Valuable Player), or winning the title – Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner that serves as the reward.

It lets them become part of a community

Taylor Swift fans are called Swifties. Then, BTS has their Army. Games have gamers. Video games have their worlds that allow players to interact with each other. The games give players something common to talk about.

Not all games have a pause button!

When games don’t have a pause button, it’s because they’re usually online. Mobile Legends and Valorant are prime examples because it’s team-oriented and live! That means that there are real players gaming on the other side!

Everyone has a role; each one has to contribute something. It’s the same concept but instead of grades, it affects their ranking which all the community members in that game will see. 

It’s a stress reliever

Stress is normal because there will be times you want to slap someone with a brick. Other times, you just want to travel back in time and warn people about the incoming pandemic. Lockdowns can drive anyone crazy!

Video games offer that avenue where you have a virtual punching bag. You can punch it, kick it, beat it up, and do all sorts of things to let your frustration out. It’s why the WHO changed their stance about video games because they serve as a support system. 

So is gaming bad for kids?

As with all things, video games should be played in moderation. There’s something called the right amount of gaming. There’s also something called an unhealthy amount of gaming. A lot of times, we fight with our kids because we don’t see social interactions going on within the gaming world. We sometimes are quick to assume gaming is bad because we don’t entirely understand it.

By understanding the game and letting your kid talk about it, it creates a healthy sense of trust and expectation management. Not saying you need to play it yourself though but having even a bit of stock knowledge about gaming will really help you bond with your kids. Hopefully this article helps! You’ve got this, mama!

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