Where to Take the Kids During GCQ in Metro Manila and Beyond

Kid-friendly destinations to take in some fresh air and run wild during GCQ.

It’s been almost a year since lockdown began. As difficult as it has been for a lot of us, it’s even harder to see how tough it’s been for the kids. Children adapt quickly and they’re more resilient than we give them credit for. But months in lockdown can certainly take a toll. You just want to find a place where you can take kids during GCQ.

So, with safety precautions and our children’s best interest in mind, you might want to look into placing an order for kiddie face masks and shields. We’re going on a trip to make childhood memories!

Open space and a natural environment are luxuries we easily take for granted. You’ll realize this as soon as you see your little ones marvel at the wonders of a fresh new experience. We often forget how small things can have such a huge impact on young ones. And we believe that this is a much-needed break that everyone fully deserves. 

Block off your calendars, book your slots, and get planning. Make a day out of it! This is something your kids won’t soon forget. Check out these places where kids are allowed to wander freely, that’s sure to be a breath of fresh air. Read up on our list of where to take kids during GCQ.

PSA: As of October 8, 2021, kids are now allowed to go out provided they ride a private vehicle and the travel is P2P.

Where to take the kids during GCQ

1. Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Although kids can’t go inside the mall, there’s alfresco dining outside where they can eat. If their favorite restaurant is inside, we can just go to where they want to eat, order take-out, and eat outside. There are guards roving around the fountain area so you can rest assured that the place is well-guarded while your kids get the exercise and fresh air they’ve been looking for.

2. Ocean Adventure Subic

Frolick with the dolphins and sea creatures in Ocean Adventure Subic. As long as they are accompanied by an adult, the kids can play with the dolphins and even feed them. They’re even allowed to swim with them and are given life-vests to go with them. But the park has a buddy system while swimming so it’ll be best for you to go with your younger kids while two of your teens can pair up.

3. Take a trip on a kalesa in Intramuros

Since Philippine history’s a requirement for kids in homeschool, how about experiencing the real deal? The walled city of Intramuros is a relic of our history under Spanish rule with many of the churches being museums. While the museums may be closed, you can ride the kalesa with the kids to let them experience what it’s like to live during the Spanish colonization period, surrounded by the many buildings influenced by Spanish architecture.

4. Eat fresh seafood at Seaside Dampa

Seafood’s best enjoyed fresh and what better way to enjoy it at a Dampa? Dampa’s when you and the kids get to choose what kind of seafood you want to eat, fresh from the water. Then, you find a restaurant that cooks the seafood to your preferred recipe. The kids will definitely enjoy watching the fresh shrimp jumping out of the aquariums or the fish swimming around. Just make sure they keep their hands out of the crab cage. Crabs are best cooked alive so they don’t kill them right away.

5. Relive Jurrasic Park on Dinosaur Island

Somehow, younger kids always have this dinosaur phase. So, why not take them to Dinosaur Island? Venture and learn about the prehistoric world with them. According to parents, best you leave early so there’s no traffic heading all the way to Clark, Pampanga. Make sure you bring towels and refreshments because it’s going to be quite a walk to see all the Stegosaurus and Triceratops munching on their favorite leaves.

6. Villa living in EMV Villas at Indang, Cavite

If we’re just looking for a change of scenery for them, EMV Villas offers villas that can hold up to 4-6 people. They have a grilling area and a pool for the kids to swim in too. They also have a sunflower farm but sadly, it only blooms every February. But if you’re just looking for fresh air, some pool-side fun, and smoking good, hot food, reserve in EMV Villas for a quiet but fun break for your kids during GCQ.

7. Enjoy nature in Angelfields Sanctuary at Silang, Cavite

where to take kids during gcq

Angelfields Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite is a place that allows its guests to relish in nature and find the peace that they won’t find in the city. The area has a variety of activities including fishing, checking out the farm, and even open spaces for meditating, running, flying a kite, and many other activities which are hard to do in the house. For those from CALABARZON, they might not need a travel permit or RT-PCR but for those from Manila, make sure you get one or contact Angelfields to make sure you’re clear with the requirements.

8. Enjoy the ecosystem of Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

where to take kids during gcq

Nestled near Lipa while giving you a panoramic view of Tagaytay, Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is far away, making it safe for your kids to go around during GCQ. The open-air, the places they get to run around in, they even have team-building activities for your kids to try out instead of the usual sitting down and just staring at a screen all day. And if you have older kids who are looking for a nice wedding spot, they’re open to that too.

9. Playing in the playgrounds of QC Circle

For many of the families living in QC, the QC Circle’s been the best place to take their kids for fresh air. There are multiple playgrounds and some restaurants the kids can even eat in. The old Aristocrat restaurant still has their famous BBQ chicken and if ever, the kids can even go biking around the area. There used to be a bike rental there but it might be safer for you to bring your own bikes for you and your kids. They’re open until 8 PM but best not to stay out too long.

10. Enjoy the cold and flourishing ecosystem in Paradizoo

Paradizoo gives families an overview of what farm life would look like. There are different clusters and zoos where you and the kids can interact with the different kinds of farm animals and their behaviors. They’ll get to feed them, play with them, and even explore how they help make a farm flourish. It also has some accommodations so you can even stay overnight. For souvenirs, you and your kids can buy some organic vegetables to start your healthy living.

11. See the exotic animals at Zoori Tagaytay

Zoori Zoo Tagaytay allows walk-ins and has a small restaurant known as Bulalo Point nearby. The place is pretty big so according to a lot of parents, it rarely gets crowded. Entry fee’s 149 pesos per head but if it lets your kids check out the lions, the Serpentarium, and Eagle Ridge — it’s pretty worth it. They also have other activities such as zip-lining, horseback riding, and other things.

Where do we take our kids during GCQ?

With travel restrictions constantly changing, we’ll be updating this article as more places open up, or if the rules change with those on this list. Although other places are open, a lot of them are still requiring a lot of logistical stuff so we narrowed it down to places that don’t have much. But, it’s still of utmost importance to stay vigilant with disinfecting as necessary, wearing the proper protective gear, and following guidelines within the venue’s premises. 

Check their designated sites or social media pages for bookings, regulations, and more information. Hope you got an idea on where to take kids during GCQ!

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