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All The Best Swimwear For Your Kids

If your kids want to beat the heat, we have a perfect list here for swimwear for kids.

There’s a running gag in the Philippines that we will always be in a state of BBQ no matter what kind of Q the government declares us in. But that doesn’t mean we should leave the aircon running 24/7 to beat the heat. We can make popsicles, order summer coolers, and maybe build a mini pool theme park for the kids to beat the summer heat in. Once we have those up and running, all that’s left is the perfect swimwear for the kids. Here our our top picks:

Best swimwear for kids and where to get them

1. Tankini

For your girls, we’re sure a Tankini will be a fun swimwear for them especially since they come in all sorts of designs. Although your teen daughters might prefer bikinis, having a tankini means that your little girls will have fewer chances of getting sunburn since they’re more covered up. Shops often sell Tankinis in brighter colors to make sure kids don’t overheat while they’re having their fun in the pool and the sun. Some of them even sell it in gender-neutral colors too.

Buy Tankinis from: Old Navy, Zalora Kids, Rock Lobster, Roxy, Marks and Spencer, and Sassa.

2. Board Shorts

Board Shorts come in all sorts of cool designs. Sometimes, they have island designs, patterns of sharks, or even waves to help your boys enjoy the summer. Since we know how some kids can be quite rowdy, some board shorts’ material is water resistant so they can just dive in the water and let it eventually dry up when they head home. You can pair these shorts with a dri-fit shirt for them so they can easily dry off under the sun once they’re out of the pool.

Buy board shorts from: Quiksilver, Speedo, Nordstrom, Decathlon, H&M

3. Rash guards/ Swim Jumpsuits

Rash guards or swim jumpsuits are a swimwear that keep the sunburn away with some long sleeves, especially if your kid is allergic to almost any form of sunblock lotion. Having them in long-sleeves may make you feel the heat for them but rash guards are more than just keeping the sunburn away. It also prevents your kids from getting scrapes, rashes, and cuts, especially if you’re planning to bring your kids to a beach that has a lot of jetties and rocks.

Buy rash guards from: Mom and Bebe, Roxy, Speedo Kids, Baby Kid Stuff PH

4. Two Piece Bikini

Like a Tankini, a bikini is the more grown-up version which we’re sure that your teenage daughters will love. They come in several styles like one-shoulder, off-shoulder, bandeau, and the classic halter. Your girls will definitely want one, especially since the travel restrictions are easing up which means they’re going to want to update their swimwear so they can hit the beaches of Boracay, Nasugbu, Aurora, and maybe Mactan before they go back to hit the books.

Buy bikinis from: Debenhams,Sassa, H&M, Zalora

5. One-Piece Swimsuit

If all other swimwear fails, the old classic swimsuit never does! Swimsuits come in all sorts of colors and designs for kids to wear and are usually in a one-piece, making it easy to put on and take it off once the day in the sun is over. For boys, it looks similar to a rash guard, but it’s a full one-piece while girls have swimsuits that are sleeveless. And if your kids are a fan of cartoons, they come in different character designs too!

Buy swimsuits from: Zalora, Roxy (They tailored their designs more for girls though), Eika PH, Decathalon, Speedo

6. Trunks/ Swim Shorts

Swim shorts — or “trunks” for short — is common but stylish swimwear for kids especially if they’re planning to get into more competitive swimming eventually. Some coaches recommend having boys wear swim trunks instead of suits because it doesn’t drag them down into the water, making it easy for them to paddle their way through. Both girls and boys can wear it and sometimes, trunks can even come with a swim shirt to go with it!

For the best trunks, we’d recommend Speedo.

7. Swim Diapers

Babies would definitely want to enjoy some fun time in the water. In fact, some studies show that letting babies have some swim time helps strengthen their limbs. And since some shops don’t sell bathing suits for newborns, we have something called “swim diapers”! Made from the same wicking material as bathing suits and most swimwear, swim diapers are perfect for a baby’s introduction to water. Plus, it helps stop babies from letting out something in the water.

If you’re wondering where to buy, Milk and Honey has some Swim Diapers you can check out.

Enjoying the summer fun in style!

While the pandemic is out there, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the summers at home. Once you have those pool toys stocked and ready, you’ll be able to create your own summer paradise in the garden or even in the terrace where it’s easy to clean up. With summer slowly ending, it’s time for us and our kids to claim the summer in style before we’re back to the school grind.

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