Fuel the Pool Fun with These Cool Summer Toys

Help your kids beat the heat with all these cool summer toys.

Our kids are rolling all over the bed with the aircon running 24/7, trying their best to stay cool. While we have some summer treats to eat and classes for indoors, it’s time to take it up a notch and help them beat the heat! We found some neat summer toys to help you and your kids beat the heat and the cabin fever. That way, they won’t have to be stuck inside the house cranking up the aircon temperature below 16 degrees to chill.

Inflatable Pools

What better way to keep cool than to have your kids throw themselves in a pool full of water? Since kids aren’t allowed to go to sports clubs and resort, you’ll need your own pool. If your house doesn’t have space, get a collapsible one. Intex and Bestway has a variety of pools that you can choose from so you can either swim with them or make sure that all your kids can enjoy the great summer fun. Make sure it’s on a level ground so it doesn’t tip over and spill all the water.

Check out some of the neat pool designs here:

Kiddie Inflatable Pool
Intex Rectangular Frame Pool
Bestway Steel Frame Pool (best for those of you who don’t feel like inflating a whole pool)
Intex Inflatable Pool with Seats

Water Slides

If your kids want the extra thrill, there are water slides and water chutes to choose from. Water slides and chutes can come with sprinklers or a small pool at the end of the slide for that big splash! Especially if your kids love sliding and skidding through water for an epic finish, water slides will give them that chance to make an instagram-worthy and splashy finish to show how chill they are for the summer!

Get in on the summer splash with these water slides:

Crocodile Pool with a Slide (This one’s perfect for smaller kids)
Lawn Water Slide
Rainbow Water Slide
Bestway Large Swimming Slide

Sprinkler Pools

rainbow floater cool summer toys

We know that it’s scary to leave your kid in a pool full of water especially if they might drown! That’s why we thought that a sprinkler pool might work better for you! Remember those little water sprinkles that shoot out in U.P. Ayala Technohub? It’s quite similar to that! Your younger kids will definitely enjoy this one, especially since it looks like rain and they to experience what it’s like to dance in the rain.

Sprinkle some fun during the summer with these cool sprinkler pools:

Rainbow Arch Sprinkler
Baby Sprinkler Mat
Baby Bailey Sprinkler Mat
Dropship Elephant Sprinkler Pool

Pool Donuts

These little pool floaties come in all sorts of cute shapes and sizes. Some come in donut designs and the others can be a floating chair. But for your kids, they’d love running around in a donut before jumping in the pool. Best part is, it helps them float through the deeper waters, especially if you want them to learn how to float. But pool donuts usually work best in a bigger pool where they can wade and paddle.

Check out the cute pool donuts here:

Assorted Pool Donuts
Flamingo Party Pool Float
Pineapple Fruit Pool Float
Intex Deluxe Baby Pool Float


We know that swimming becomes an essential life skill eventually, especially if you love having fun at the beach! Kickboards are usually made from plain styrofoam and help kids float so they can kick their way to the other side of the pool. It’s the perfect teaching aide especially when you want to teach them the different strokes like backstroke, freestyle, butterfly, etc. And if your kid wants to give the kickboard personality, they can spray paint it if they want!

Check out some of the neat kickboard designs here:

Qicaibei Thick Inflatable Kickboard
Yu Ke Swimming Boards
Conquest Swimming Boards
Designed Swim Boards

Chill out with new summer toys

Way back then, we’d just use garden sprinklers to enjoy the summer and beat the heat. But with these new summer toys, your kids will be able to have fun in all sorts of ways so that they’re not just all cooped up in their room. While they won’t be able to have the usual beaches and swimming classes for awhile, having these summer toys will help tide them over until then.

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