UPDATED: 5 Kinds Of Summer Online Classes To Challenge Your Kids

Summer Online Classes are here to help your kids learn something new and not be bored during the pandemic.

With the school year over, your kids will probably have nothing to do. Our top tip? Get ’em enrolled in online summer classes! They’re a great way for kids to stay engaged and learning through the summer months, instead of sitting on the couch and playing video games. Now for the tough part: finding the right class! Luckily for you, we’ve found five different kinds of online summer classes that are not only fun filled, but just the right amount of challenging too. Check out our faves:

1. Art Classes

Art Summer Class

Remember those sweet days kids use to give you any drawing they could come up with? You’d find them precious and even place them on the wall, refrigerator door, or keep them in a special place where no one can find them. Not just that, having your kids make some art also helps them see themselves in a better light. Art shows them that they’re capable of creating something beautiful and making others happy with what they make.

Enrolling your kids in an art class will also lessen the screen time. And if your kids love writing stories, imagine what kind of picture books they can make that they can either publish or for you to be proud of.

Check out:

2. Dance Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us (including your kids) couch potatoes. Until the vaccine is ready for your kids, going out is a no-no. But because kids can’t go out, their energy has nowhere to go. They get irritable and restless, especially if their movements are just pacing the room all day or just rolling themselves into a lumpia in bed. To help them get rid of all that excess energy, you can enroll them in a dance class.

Best part is, letting them learn how to dance will improve their brain function. It improves their ability to detect mood through rhythm and tone while synchronizing their movement. If you’re also worried that your kid has two left feet, dance classes will help your kid grow out of it. All the more if your kids want to become K-Pop Idols, learning how to dance is the first place to start.

But kids might not take to dancing right away. Sometimes, it needs a little push and that can come from watching a ballet production from Ballet Philippines. As they launch their 52nd Season of Ballet Productions, they’re also hoping to help kids and other aspiring ballerinas find their grace and poise.

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3. Language Classes

Foreign Language Online Summer Class

While we’d like to give credit to Google Translate for helping in making Filipino papers, maybe it’s time your kids mastered the Filipino language. Although we’re quick to dismiss the Tagalog language as a language for the masses, it’s the official language and almost everyone in the Philippines speaks it. Not many Filipinos speak English and this is assuming they speak some form of neutral English that they all understand.

And if they can’t speak English or Tagalog, what else is there? Especially if you’re planning to travel to other countries once the pandemic ends, having your kid learn another language means you’ll have a free translator. No need to hire anybody. Although some university organizations do offer summer online classes, here are some other places you can check out:

4. Music Classes

Music Summer Class

We know the Asian stereotype: make your kid learn an instrument so they don’t do anything stupid. But there’s a truth in making your kids learn a musical instrument to become smarter. It improves their ability to understand tone and rhythm in body language. They’ll be able to understand people better because they’ll know from a person’s mannerisms if they’re angry, sad, happy, and etc. without having them to state it blatantly.

Check out:

5. Programming and Coding

Programming Summer Class

Kids love video games. And if they want to become a Game Designer then, coding and programming classes are the best places to start. Coding and programming help them see the logical flow of things which allows them to eventually build something useful online. Did they think Minecraft just magically sprout out of the ground? The game probably has 8000+ lines of code to make that whole game work without crashing every time they play.

Check out:

So, what’s the best online summer class for my kid to get into?

Online summer classes help kids divert their energy but it shouldn’t be the only thing they do this summer. At times, online summer classes can get tiring for them which is why there should be a balance of activities before they come back to school. With the DepEd still not sure when classes start, we now have time to help our kids properly ease themselves into an online school environment without the pressure of getting good grades.

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