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25 Stylish Moms Who Inspire Us to Up Our Fashion Game

Get your daily dose of fashion inspiration from these stylish moms on Instagram!

Scrolling through social media can be full of negative news and too many ads. The good thing is that there’s always the mute and unfollow button to make sure that your feed stays positive and inspires you, instead of the opposite.

Even better, why don’t you start going through your follow list and only follow accounts that make you happy and give you good vibes? And because it’s still Mother’s Day month, it’s time we acknowledge these amazing moms who not only look good, but they make you feel good as well. Without further ado, here are Modern Parenting’s 25 fashion inspirations for the modern mom.

25 Stylish Moms on Instagram

1. Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith)

Top local celebrity Anne Curtis is now also a mom and entrepreneur, adding award-winning BLK Cosmetics and Our Recess athleisure to her fast-growing business empire. One of the most prominent local fashion icons of this generation, Anne shows us that embracing motherhood and womanhood — with all the pizzazz is 100% doable. Follow her feed for a glimpse into her family life and to see the latest in beauty, fashion, and her evolving everyday style.

2. Mich Araullo-Razon (@micharaullo)

Mich has great taste and creates beautiful clothes to prove just that. We love her feminine and elegant style that her fashion creations showcase. If you are dreaming of a fashion peg that is both fresh and classic at the same time, look no further than Mich’s own OOTDs. Her feed is full of her work and her equally beautiful family.

3. Patty Ang (@pattyang_)

Patty Ang is a well-known fashion designer, and we love her clean, straightforward style. If you want to look at pretty clothes all day long, make sure to click follow on this fashion designer/mama’s account. Aside from Atelier Patty Ang, she also has Patton Studio which focuses on comfortable casual pieces that you’ll want to wear all day, every day. 

4. Bianca Roque-Brandner (@bianca_brandner)

Bianca’s feed is full of light and feel-good photos, stylish OOTDs, and snapshots of her everyday mom life. Her looks range from beach fashion to cocktail chic, and she loves playing around with prints while always looking appropriate for any occasion. We’re taking inspiration from her uncomplicated and feminine style and we’re sure you will too.

5. Peewee Reyes-Isidro (@peeweeisidro)

As the editor-in-chief of MEGA Magazine, Peewee’s feed does not disappoint. We love scrolling through it to admire her fierce and fashion-forward style. She is unapologetic about making a bold statement and owning her look. As the queen bee of the Philippines’ best fashion magazine, her style is constantly evolving and anything she wears always looks effortlessly high fashion. Peewee is proof that moms can become fashion icons no matter what age.

6. Martine Cajucom-Ho (@martine)

The creative director and co-founder of Sunnies who is now based in Australia will fill your feed with a mix of make-up, beautiful spaces, and her baby. If you want to travel virtually, her feed will definitely take you to beautiful places. She’s one of the original local “it” girls and her feed shows us that pregnant or not, she still has the “it” factor, but with a more grown-up style that we are just lovin’!

7. Tricia Centenera (@triciacentenera)

This Filipino-Australian beauty is a mom of 2 little girls and her feed focuses on her family and wellness. She is comfortable in her own skin, and it shows in all her posts. Tricia’s style is effortless, casual, and attainable. She also has her own rent-to-wear service called Tallulah’s Closet and a skin care brand Skin by Tallulah, so expect some helpful fashion and skin care tips as well.

8. Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez (@rosannaocampo_rod)

Follow fashion designer Rosanna’s account to see her tasteful style, lovely family, and for fitness inspiration. She’s another mom who shows us that you can balance a career and your family, without having to sacrifice one for the other. Being one of the metro’s most sought after designers, you too can own her pieces via virtual window shopping in her account, then go directly to her studio account to add to cart. 

9. Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (@rissamananquiltrillo)

Author, model, basketball wife, mom of three and entrepreneur are some of the many hats that Rissa wears. As the woman behind the homegrown beauty and skin care brand, Happy Skin, she takes multi-tasking and fashion to a whole new level. Rissa believes in dressing for the occasion and whether she’s dressed down, clad in a tailored pantsuit or donning an evening gown, she always looks like a 100% power dresser. Her secret: confidence.

10. Camille Co-Koro (@itscamilleco)

stylish moms on instagram camille co

Camille is one of the original fashion influencers and has grown her account to more than 500,000 followers. She is now also a new mom and includes photos of her adorable baby in her account. Camille serves us different looks depending on her mood – her style is young and playful, feminine yet edgy, she can go from catsuits to flowy dresses, all impeccably styled.

11. Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez (@sarahlahbati)

If you judge her based solely on looks, you would never know that Sarah is a busy mom to two very active boys. Her eclectic style inspires us to take fashion risks and her physique inspires us to put more effort into working out! She is the perfect mix of sugar and spice, someone who can pull off feminine chic to high fashion looks without batting an eyelash. This fashionista mom is totally fit and fab.

12. Kimi Juan-Caja (@kimijuan)

If Kimi’s feed doesn’t astound and draw you in, we don’t know what will. Her clean and uncomplicated style is clearly showcased in both her clothes and her photos. We can go through her account all day long and find inspiration in almost every post. We’re looking forward to seeing her style evolve as she embraces being a new mom.

13. Steph Kienle-Gonzalez (@stephkienlegonzalez)

If you love looking at other people’s homes and love interior design, you should definitely be following Steph. This stylish mama of two girls is also a TV host and the managing director of Philux Home, so you’re sure to see only well-curated and beautifully captured posts on her feed. Steph exudes class. She makes fashion statements with understated elegance, clean silhouettes, bold lines and colors and always with the right hairstyle and makeup.

14. Rima Ostwani-Najjar (@rimaostwani)

Pretty mama Rima has a feed full of locally available fashion finds so her stylish looks are always attainable. Her account will add a breath of fresh air into your feed, especially when she includes posts about her two adorable children. If you are on the lookout for cute clothes for your own kids, you’ll also find these on her account.

15. Joanna Preysler (@joannapreyslermanila)

Joanna’s feed aims to inspire and uplift and it succeeds at its goal. You’ll get glimpses of her fitness and beauty regimen, her happy home life and effortless style — simple and classic, yet exceptional. For Joanna, you should always look at the bright side of life and age is nothing but a number – great reminders for all moms.

16. Mikka Padua (@mikkapadua)

Mikka is the woman behind online retailer Seek the Uniq, a mom, and a breast cancer survivor. We love her impeccable style that always incorporates color, interesting silhouettes, and must-have accessories. If you want to see how the boho-inspired styles of Seek the Uniq can be worn in everyday life, even at home, Mikka is the perfect model for these pieces.

17. Amina Aranaz-Alunan (@aminaaranaz)

stylish moms on instagram amina aranaz

Amina is part of her family business Aranaz and also a co-founder of SOFA Design Institute. She has worked hard to showcase Filipino design around the world and is also a proud mom to three kids. We love her fresh and feminine style that’s perfect for our tropical weather. Aside from her outfits, Amina’s accessory game is also on point. She often shows beautiful Aranaz items in her feed and we can’t help but daydreaming over her beautiful pieces.

18. Vania Romoff (@vaniaromoff)

stylish moms on instagram vania romoff

Fashion designer Vania Romoff is one of the country’s most sought-after and esteemed bridal designers. Her gowns reflect her great taste and make all her brides feel beautiful on their wedding day. Vania’s own personal style ranges from casual chic mom to glam mom. What’s great about Vania’s designs is the way it complements all body types and embraces a very feminine aesthetic. No matter what your personal style is, Vania always inpires.

19. Samantha Richelle (@samrichelle)

Beyond Sam’s killer bod and perpetually amazing hair is a sense of style that is all her own. Her style is a mix of street, sexy and high fashion. She knows what works for her and isn’t afraid to go for it. From being a Hollywood TV actress, fashion designer or simply a mom, she is always dressed to the nines. Whether it’s vintage Versace, a psychedelic print or heck, a pair of AirForce Ones, you can be sure Sam can rock it like the boss lady she is.

20. Kelly Misa-Fernandez (@kellymisa)

stylish moms on instagram kelly misa

As a fashion and commercial model, Kelly loves to dress up and often styles different looks to post on her account. Lucky for us, many of the outfits she puts together are locally available so we can re-create her looks for ourselves as well. We love how she puts together a complete outfit – including shoes and accessories, giving us the inspiration we need for new looks.

21. Maggie Wilson-Consunji (@wilsonmaggie)

stylish moms on instagram maggie wilson

Maggie’s account makes us feel like we are living vicariously through her. This fit mama is currently in Tulum, Mexico and also spends time in Manila and Bali. We love how she is proud of her body and confident in her looks. Whether she’s in a bikini or a t-shirt and jeans or a power suit, Maggie always looks phenomenal. She shows us that we can all make motherhood however we want it to be!

22. Cecile Zamora (@chuvaness)

One of the original fashion influencers in Metro Manila, her funky style is in a class of its own. She’s also a supporter of local stores and brands and you’ll find new places to get “budol”. We also love her humor and entertaining opinions on current affairs. Her fitness journey also inspired us to start walking 10,000 steps a day!

23. Aliza Apostol-Goco (@mustlovemom)

stylish moms on instagram aliza apostol

Aliza combines feminine fashion and fitness in one fun Instagram account. Even when she’s just home and working out, she always looks put together and definitely makes us want to elevate our style. We love how she can switch from athleisure to girly dresses seamlessly, with her signature waves that always look like she came from the salon. She also currently has a design collab with Mosaic. Follow her for fitness inspo, fashion, and delicious food shots.

24. Tricia Gosingtian (@tgosingtian)

stylish moms on instagram tricia gosingtian

A former fashion blogger turned mama and designer, Tricia’s account is all about fashion and family. She recently collaborated with Elin for the Elin x Tricia collection which features maternity and nursing wear designs in Tricia’s own easy and feminine style. Clad in neutral, pastel and floral pieces, Tricia looks like she stepped out of a storybook and we just can’t get enough of it. Follow her for local fashion finds and clothing inspo.

25. Liz Uy (@lizzzuy)

stylish moms on instagram liz uy

Who hasn’t heard of Liz Uy? If you need fashion inspiration, you definitely need to follow her. Take a peek into this fashion-forward’s mom’s everyday life and get inspired by her OOTDs. As a former fashion editor, she can translate a high-fashion look and make it work for everyday life. We are all living for her runway to real life looks.

Make sure to get on the app today and follow these stylish moms on Instagram to get some much-needed fashion inspiration. Just because there’s a pandemic going on, it doesn’t mean we can’t dress up at home and have fun with our clothes. From casual to glam, the list above will help you find just the right mom-inspo for you.

25 Stylish Moms on Instagram

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