5 Extracurricular Online Classes Your Kids Might Want to Attend

Since schools aren’t giving our kids extracurricular activities to do, we just have to find some ourselves.

Extracurricular activities — these are the classes our kids don’t usually get from their homeschool learning guides. They may have art projects here and there but it isn’t really enough to help break the academic burnout. Extracurricular classes give our kids opportunities to learn some life skills, new things, and stuff that school doesn’t usually teach them. So, here are some extracurricular classes we think are good for your kids!

1. Dance Classes

extracurricular classes kids

Dancing helps kids develop their motor skills and their analytical thinking. While their ears are receiving the sound, they need to translate it through motion. Your kids can choose from K-Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, and more to expand their movement vocabulary.

For more selections, you can check this group out:

2. Cooking

extracurricular classes kids

While we laugh at those who make simple cooking mistakes, it’s not going to be funny when our own kids are the ones who manage to burn water. Cooking is an extracurricular class under Science. Some classes even teach the chemistry behind cooking so that your kids can make the most out of each ingredient. Once they’re done, you’ll now have a sous chef to help you in the kitchen. You can check out Little Lou Cooks if you’re looking for some cooking classes for kids.

3. Coding and Programming

Since we’re in the digital age, your kids—especially the ones who love video games—might want to learn how to program. They’ll want to create games like Minecraft or Dark Souls or educational apps that encourage waste management or speech. Coding and programming usually fall under the extracurricular class we once knew as Computer Class. Nowadays, basic computer knowledge is a must but if your kids want to take it to the next level, Thinker’s Hub Online Classes has a variety of coding classes for children.

4. Sewing

One of the few extracurricular classes a lot of kids take for granted is sewing. Sure, it’s a pain to put the thread through the eye of a needle. But in the middle of an event or class and your clothes have a hole, sewing is so useful. We’re not always going to be there to repair our kids’ clothes should they accidentally rip them in one way or another. Sewing can even start in the form of cross-stitching before moving on to bigger projects. Sew And Stitch Kids has a few classes that your kids can enroll in.

5. Yoga

Yoga may be similar to P.E. but it’s less strenuous and it helps your kids slowly adjust to something more challenging. Yoga serves as a good extracurricular class for your kids since it focuses on teaching them mindfulness and mastery over their bodies. The more they know about their bodies, the more they can communicate if they feel something wrong or sick, especially during the pandemic. You can message Nica Hechanova de Erquiaga, a yoga teacher of both adults and kids, to book an online yoga class!

Extracurricular classes help kids become more well-rounded!

Our biggest concern now for our kids is how to make them more well-rounded. While homeschool providers or distance learning providers have guides, some don’t provide extracurricular classes. However, that doesn’t mean we enroll our kids in every single extracurricular class. They might be suffering from Screen Fatigue, which means your kids might need more of a break than some extra activities to do.

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