These Non-Toxic Art Supplies Are Perfect For Home Schooling

Washable paint, silky soft crayons, and a host of other products from Joan Miro are making home learning fun and safe for families.

The first time I came across Joan Miro was at a kid’s expo. Amidst the organic cotton swaddles and Montessori toys were the Joan Miro silky soft crayons. I was a first-time mom to a hyperactive girl who was already getting into my makeup stash. So I thought it was time she got her own set—of color products, not makeup—to fulfill her need to create.

Washable and Non-Toxic

joan miro non-toxic art supplies

Vividly packaged in a style reminiscent of the surrealist artist it was named after, the BabyRoo Silky Washable Crayons (P320) immediately caught my eye. It had the holy grail tandem of being “washable” and “non-toxic.” A quick search yielded that Joan Miro was a popular European brand that originated the A.P.T. (Art-Play-Think) theory, which encourages children to learn and express themselves through art.

Alpabetong Pilipino by Joan Miro Philippines
Alpabetong Pilipino by Joan Miro Philippines

Apart from the crayons, they also have paint kits, modeling dough, magnetic puzzles, stickers, and even excavation kits, and math and science boxes. A closer inspection revealed that they were well made, sized perfectly for small hands to grasp comfortably. The packaging and the products themselves were so colorful and designed to stimulate imagination and motivate creative play. Along with the crayons, I also bought their washable finger paint set. Suffice to say, the little princess was happy with her colorful stash, and she made many, many masterpieces. Yes, the crayons and paint went everywhere, some even in her mouth. All washed out with ease with a little soap and water. Two years later she’s still making masterpieces on the daily, now with a little apprentice in tow.

Perfect for Home Schooling

joan miro art supplies

And while the Joan Miro products are absolutely amazing for home school learning, I’ll admit that sometimes I just chuck them and a stack of paper to my now-two kids so I can do my Zoom meeting in peace. The room will resemble a Jackson Pollock painting afterward, but, hey, that’s life with kids.

All Joan Miro products are available on Lazada.

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