5 Beautiful Homeschool Room Design Ideas To Love

With homeschool being the new norm, here’s some homeschool room design ideas to make the learning experience more fun!

Nothing inspires learning than a pretty homeschool room! With kids going through another year of homeschool, changing the scenery would probably get their learning gears going. Some of us may have to do some furniture relocation but if it means to make the home more fun, why not? So, we found some pretty neat homeschool room design ideas that can serve as your peg for your kid’s homeschool year.

1. Wall of Books by Team Kramer (@chekakramer and @dougkramer)

Nothing inspires learning more than having shelves filled with books. Not only is it a good space saver but it’s a neat addition to your homeschool room design to keep all your resources with arm’s reach. It not only keeps all the clutter away but it makes sure that the room is spacious enough for ideas to go around. Like what Chesca Kramer says, “Reading a book is the only form of lounging at home that is not considered as lazing around!”

2. Minimalist White with Glass Board by Mai Kaufman (@maikaufman)

The Japanese have a particular philosophy wherein a clean and minimalist room allows the mind to remain uncluttered and to think clearly. Mai’s world school – homeschool room design may not have a lot of stickers decorating the walls and the sort but the white also keeps the distractions away. Plus, it’ll be easy to find anything since all your pencils, papers, books, and arts and crafts materials are colors other than white.

3. Earthy colors for a relaxed reading station by Bettinna Carlos Eduardo (@bettinnacarlos.eduardo)

A lot of kids don’t like reading because they can get distracted by other things like computers and their tablets. Other times, it can be because of the bright colors. Keeping things neutral in your homeschool room not only lessens the distraction but gives kids a chance to rest their eyes while they’re reading. Some say that neutral or earthy colors relax the mind and prevent it from getting stuck in a bind.

4. Let Nature Be Your Classroom by Donna Simpao (@donnasimpao)

Who said that the homeschool room has to be inside the house? The garden is the perfect place to inspire learning in kids since they have so much inspiration to draw from in their surroundings. If they want to do a textured design, they can even pick up a thin piece of paper and color it over rocks and leaves. Or, if they want to make all-natural dye and color, they can grab from the plants. Especially for big projects like wrappers, Donna Simapo knows that the key ingredient to creative ideas is having a breath of fresh air.

5. Classy Girl by Bianca Santiago-Reinoso (@biancassantiago)

Digital content creator mom Bianca Reinoso-Santiago took the more classic approach to make a homeschool room for her daughter, Liana. To match the rose pink wallpaper, she bought some plain white furniture and had little trinkets to decorate Liana’s table. With a blank pink wall, it’s easy for both Bianca and Liana to post any of Bianca’s pretty artworks or achievements on the wall.

Inspire kids to learn with these pretty homeschool room design ideas

Keeping an assigned room for homeschool lets kids have a sense of structure in a time when there’s none. It also allows them to get their head in the game and to make sure they don’t have a hard time figuring out where they can work on their school things. Especially if homeschool’s going to be our way of learning for a while, there’s no time like the present to spruce up a room with some homeschool room design ideas.

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